Carnival of Personal Finance – Week 11

August 28, 2005

Hi and welcome to the ALL NEW AllThingsFinancial for Week 11 of the Carnival of Personal Finance. It is hard to believe that we are already in Week 11 of the Carnival. AllThingsFinancial last hosted the Carnival on Week 3.

So, let’s get started with this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance:

Gas Prices and Cars

Gas prices are the topic of the week. With gas prices as high as they are, people are starting to talk about fuel efficiency. OL at Optimized Investing takes an in depth look at The Fuel Economy of the 2004 Honda Civic LX – Automatic.

Hybrids are also a hot topic these days. Ironman at Political Calculations goes a step further than I did when I looked at hybrids by allowing readers to use an interactive calculator in his post Comparing Standard and Hybrid Cars.

Sarah at Frugal Underground summarizes and links to several recent articles about gas prices in her post How to cut your fuel costs. Finally, Nickel at FiveCentNickel asks a simple question: How High do Gas Prices Have to go?

While we are on the topic of cars, Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity recently turned 25 (Happy Birthday, Jim) and as a result he went car insurance shopping to see if he could get his rates reduced because of his new, more mature age. You can read about his experience in his post Car Insurance – Milestone at Age 25.

The Organized Life

Ever lost an important financial document? I know I have! Financial Fruition at the Financial Fruition blog looks at Important Financial Documents that we should all be able to find. It’s good advice.

The Disciplined Life

Goal-setting has everything to do with personal finance. If we don’t know how to set goals and prioritize our lives, it’s likely that we aren’t getting the most out of our finances. Steve Pavlina has written an excellent post about End Goals vs. Means Goals, which is a must read. If you have never read Steve’s stuff, you’re in for a treat.


There’s been lots of talk about the United States’ trade deficit. Jose at Money & Investing offers a simple way that we could help the country get out of debt with Stop Buying Trinkets. In another economic-related post, Ben at the HousingBubble asks Will Oil Prices Burst the Housing Bubble?


I have to admit that budgeting is not my favorite thing in the world. That’s why I’m glad that there are people like Jonathan at My Money Blog, who shares how he is Refining His Current Budgeting Process. The Mighty Bargain Hunter shows you how to Take Care of Your Teeth and Your Wallet. Frank at HelloDollar summarizes his Budgeting Series, which is a series of posts about personal budgeting.

One way to “save” money is to sell your old stuff online. Flexo offers advice on Selling Used Books and Other Items on Amazon. Amazon is quickly becoming serious competition for eBay.

Financial Planning Basics

Lots of talk these days about the impact that Baby Boomers are going to have on the economy once they begin retiring. H.G. at InsureBlog finishes up a two-part series called Life’s a Beach on the impact of aging. I read the article. He raises some questions that need answers.

One of my favorite blogs for investing-related insight is The Real Returns. Recently, RR focused in on Focus Funds. It’s a good read. While we are on the topic of investing, be sure and Searchlight Crusade’s post on Getting Rich Quick in Real Estate (no, it’s not what you think it is).

Ever heard of an individual 401(k)? Caitlin at Clutter2Cash writes about how she had a pleasant experience when Opening an Individual 401(k). I have a hunch that individual 401(k)s are the wave of the future.

Wise Use of Debt

One of the biggest purchases (and debts) most people will ever make is the purchase of a house. Dawn, the “Frugal Queen” at FrugalforLife offers some great Tips for Buying Your First Home. A second major expense for most people is a college education. Most college graduates have a mountain of debt upon graduation. They need to read Investy’s post on Consolidating Student Loans. While we are on the topic of debt, Free Money Finance has written a post called You Can Beat Debt that highlights an MSN Money article.

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff! I hope you folks enjoy this week’s carnival. If I left anyone out, I’m sorry. Next week’s carnvial will be hosted by new bride (as of Saturday), SavvySaver. Now would be a good time to start sending her your submissions.

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  1. Hi JLP —

    Love your new blog setup!

    Do you want us to change our links to your new blog?

  2. Thanks for hosting this week!

  3. JLP, Thanks for putting this week’s carnival together!! Looks like you’ve got the new site under control!!!

    Financial Fruition

  4. JLP:

    Nice job on the Carnival. The new blog looks good (but where are the trackbacks?)

  5. JLP,
    Good job on the carnival and thanks for the happy birthday remarks 🙂


  6. Jim,

    I remember reading that and thinking “Dang! I turned 25 nearly 11 years ago!”

  7. Thanks JLP I appreciate your hard work. Posted my link already to ya as well.
    Great site design!

  8. I’m really liking the new look too. Nice job! And a good carnival, too (though it looks like my budgeting post didn’t make it in.. I’d thought I got it in on time? Oh well, lots of good posts anyway!)

  9. I like the new format…loads quicker. Good luck going forward.

  10. jlp, when i read your comment, i realized i’ll be your age in 11 years and that scared me. 🙂 just kidding bud

  11. Love the new look! Very professional.

  12. Thanks for the nice compilation, JLP! It sure looks like a lot of hard work.

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