Blogger Being Sued Over Comments

Okay, now this is scary for bloggers, myself included. One of my readers sent me a link to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal. Personally, I don’t see how the blogger could be held responsible for comments made by an anonymous poster. With IP address trackability, it shouldn’t be that hard to find the commentor. I would think the company would go after the source. Anyway, it is an interesting case – one that I’m sure will have serious implications for bloggers everywhere.

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  1. I met Aaron Wall at WebMasterWorld conference in New Orleans in June.
    It was 6:00 am and I was waiting for the shuttle outside of the hotel.
    Aaron Wall comes up to me and was very drunk.. He said that he had been
    partying all night and hadn’t gone to bed yet.

    He then asked if he could borrow $20 for cab fare as he didn’t have any money.
    I refused, because I wasn’t impressed with his dishevelled look.

    That’s my experience with Aaron Wall

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  2. Here’s some thoughts for a financial oriented blogger: How many bloggers have liability insurance?
    When you are talking about defamation I think it is pretty clear anyone who publishes is
    jointly and severally liable. Putting up a web site, taking some letters to the
    editor and making them available to anyone in the world with Internet Explorer
    hooked up is pretty clearly publishing. There is a safe harbor in the digital something act for
    web hosting companies but only if they go through some hoops (list a contact for
    complaints and file some form somewhere). Since anyone can sue anyone for anything just
    getting process can cost you a pretty penny? Ignore it and get a default judgement against you?
    What if you get served papers in a foreign language?

  3. This seems to me like a big waste of time and money with the court system.
    Perhaps if we could force all the law firms to close on Monday we could conserve
    gasoline and save a ton of money not dealing with petty lawsuits.

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