National Do-Not Call List

Ever since I installed my business and fax line, I have been getting calls from supposedly non-profit credit foundations. They call all the time. Recently, I have been jotting down the phone numbers and calling them back and asking them to take me off their list. That has helped alleviate the problem some. However, today I got a call from CCC Centers and when I called them to get my name taken off their list, I was informed that as a non-profit they are exempt from the National Do-Not Call List. They at least have a way that you can leave your phone number and they will remove it from their system.

I have a problem with these credit foundations. Why? Because with as many of them as there are, they HAVE to be up to something. With so many reps calling day after day, they have to be making really good money doing this or they wouldn’t be doing it. My advice to those considering using such a service is to BE CAREFUL. Make sure you know what you are getting into. I’m sure in a lot of cases, you can do just as well on your own by contacting your creditors and asking them to help you work out a plan. Most likely, you do not need a credit foundation.

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