Blog Housekeeping

September 1, 2005

I have a question for some knowledgable blogger:

You see my ads over there in the left-hand column? Notice how the Sharebuilder ad is not lined up with the rest of the ads? How do I fix that? What’s causing it? I copied from my Blogger account and pasted into this account and the ad was off then too. Any suggestions?

7 responses to Blog Housekeeping

  1. did you try to center all of them?

  2. Yes. It has something to do with an extra pixel or something. I can’t remember and nothing sticks out to me in the code.

    One other thing, how come when I post comments, the comment box goes way off the screen and I can’t see what I’m typing? Can that be fixed too?

  3. I wouldnt exactly know the source of the image problem. As for the text box, it looks fine when using firefox. As a matter of fact, your site looks crisp in firefox. Maybe this template was made to be viewed with firefox.

  4. You should contact the theme creator and let them know. Maybe they released a newer version, or they can help you correct the problem.

  5. Thanks. I think it is a problem with the actual banner rather than the blog template.

  6. PS – When you get some more posts and information up on your blog, I’ll link to you.

  7. Looks like there’s an extra little 1 pixel graphic that is used along with the first ad (probably a tracking thing as it’s only 1px by 1px). Try adding a break () between that and the first ad image, that might help, although it might still need some playing around with.

    As for the comment box, it is set to style=”98%”, which works fine in Firefox, but in Internet Explorer it does send it off the screen. It might be worth seeing if you can alter this to a definite value (e.g. 300px). I have reasonable experience with WordPress and CSS, so drop me an email if you want more help.