An Open Letter to Winbook Computer

Dear Winbook,

I purchased a Winbook C120 18 months ago. Although it has been a decent computer, I will not be able to recommend it to my friends and family due to the fact that you refuse to sell parts. I need a new keypad. I am capable of unhooking the existing keypad and plugging in the new keypad. Instead, you require me to send in the whole laptop and want to charge me nearly $400 (plus $35 to ship it to you) to do something that I am certain should cost around $100. I have tried to find the keypad elsewhere but have had no luck.



Unhappy Winbook Owner

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Winbook Computer”

  1. Maybe you can buy the part on eBay? From someone whose computer has died for other reasons? People often sell the parts when their computer dies. Good luck.

  2. Nickel,

    The problem is that Winbook is not a real popular brand of computer. Therefore, parts via third parties are hard to find. I’ll check eBay and see but I’m not optimistic.

    My father-in-law and his business partner have the exact computer. Maybe I’ll wait for their’s to crash.

  3. This is why I still like Dells. Their customer service has gone to crap, but you can find lots of parts like keyboards on eBay and the such. Dell themselves has some occasional good sales on stuff.

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