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  1. I also took my first class today at H&R block. The only thing was, I was the only one there with the instructor! We sat and went on some material for a little while but she said I should come back Monday for another “first class” when others will be there. She was very nice and informative when I asked any questions.
    Sherry Duckett, I have rental property also as well as tax preparation experience. I may be able to answer your rental tax questions (if it is not too complicated). What do you have a question about? Is it about Schedule E?

  2. I was watching T.V. and seen an advertisement about going to class for H&R Block to earn extra money. I just want to find out how do I get started and how much does it cost? Please inform me of all needed to get started.

  3. I was thinking of taking the class as well for some extra money on the side. I see that it is only $99.00. That does not make sense to me since it is a 69 hour course. Pretty cheap ratio dollar/hour. Are there any hidden costs involved?

  4. Hi All,

    I have been doing taxes for over 25 years and have worked for Block less than a year. I am currently teaching the begining class in my area (So Calif). Here the cost of the class is $ 295 with $ 100 off if you registered by 9-1. The worth of the class depends on the instructor and your effort, Block is usually careful about who they ask to teach it. The materials used are as good as any I’ve ever used. To the person who said the cost was $ 90 I’d say that’s quite a bargain. There are no hidden fees or other costs, except your time to do the homework and study. I don’t know about other states but here in Calif you need to pass this course with a score of 70 % or better to get your license.

    Enjoy Matt Claus

  5. I enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it. For those who score high enough on the final, H&R Block will offer a chance to work for them. The pay isn’t that great but the experience is excellent. I did not go this route.

  6. I took the course back in 2001. I’ve worked there since, I’m all set to work again. Need I say more? 😉

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  8. Is it true that once you finish the course you can’t work any where else, that you have to commit to work for them?

  9. That is not true. Block’s intent is to avoid training competition. At the start of class they ask why you are taking the class, if you state that you are now (or intend to ) working for someone else they will ask you to leave the class. There is no legal way they can require you to work only for them.


  10. If you want to enroll in a class, go to http://www.hrblock.com and find a class in your area. The prices are stated. If you know someone who already works for Block, ask them for a voucher. You can save $50 on the tuition. I took thier course, worked for them for 5 years and also taught classes for them. I am now out on my own and am an IRS Enrolled Agent. If you say you want to work for someone else, they are NOT allowed to ask you to leave. This is open to the public and there is never any obligation to work for them. I think they offer the best tax class anywhere. You learn a lot and work hard, but when you are done, you will feel competent. Don’t give up half way through when it gets tough. If anyone needs help with tutoring, please let me know. I can help via email. I can also answer tax questions and of course, prepare your taxes. Where you live does not matter. I am an all-state specialist. Good Luck everyone!!!!!

  11. I am considering taking the tax course, but would like to know the approximate rate of pay, if they hire you at the end. I am located in a Chicago suburb

  12. Hey Denise,

    If I join the class, and complete that will they join me to work with them for full time or part time???How much they pay?? What are the fee structure of that class??

  13. Denise, I disagree with your statement about Block asking you to leave. One of my co-workers wanted to take the class to brush up on her skills and Block presented a form to her on the 3rd class that she would need to sigh stating that she did not work for other tax firm or office. When she stated that she worked for another firm then they refused to let her stay in the class and refunded the monies and she also had to return to learning materials. I do not know if this is legal or not but i know that it does happen.

  14. I am enroled in the course and I realy like it and enjoy it;I pass quiz 1 and 2 but I got a 40 in the quiz 3, and by now I am so nervous about quiz 4, is getting harder and I can’t even concentrate to study because I`m just thinking that I have to make 100.
    if somebody took quiz 4 please, please, please, please HELP. I am in extintion danger. Thank you whoever respond.PLEASE.

  15. Paty,

    You don’t say where you are. Here in Los Angeles I am teaching the course. Because we’ve had so many problems with the new computer-based testing we are able to let students retake the quizes and tests. You might try asking your instructors if that’s available where you’re taking the course.

    Matt Claus

  16. Hi, Matt Claus, i live in Texas, and about the problem whit the computers, I have to admite that it was me that di’nt read the questions right some of them where like “what not qualifies for educator expenses?” and I di’nt put attention in the word -not- and I answered wrong.
    But also I think that if the instructor would give us a study guide for that test we could do better because in the class just two people (that made tax before pass), this time she gave us a study guide but I`m not sure if we where give all we need to study.
    the quiz is goint to be about chapter 8 and 9 I’ve been study hard but for some reazon I can’t capture all about retirement in my mine, please help me or I wo’nt be hire.
    In the computer I do’nt have problem I even think that I do better than the others, but in the quizes I fell misserable when they know my result. THANK YOU for any help you can give me THANK YOU.

  17. Paty: I just finished the H&R Block final yesterday. Quiz 3 was more difficult. I flunked it and the mid-term. In our area they offered labs where you could go work on the computer and do more complex problems than you do in class. That helped me immensely. I passed the final with flying colors and was able to get an over all course grade of 82.

  18. Paty,

    I’m not sure what kind of help I can offer you over a board like this. Your best bet is to talk to your instructors there. See if you can get more study time or material.

    M Claus

  19. Dawn: I just took quiz 4, and I just missed one, I`m happy right now, but I still need to take the final test, yesterday I went extra hours, and make the Tax Return that goes before the questions, I did good, but I don’t know how many points it counts, because I need to make at least 60 to pass in this test., the test is goint to be next week. Any ways CONGRATULATIONS and keep writing here Ok?.

    M Claus Thank you for your response, Bye.

  20. I just took quiz 4 got 100% then the cbt got all but three right on that test – does the cbt count toward the overall grade for the course?

  21. I just passed the H&R Block final. Does everyone know how you will know you will be hired, by phone or by mail? after the week passed the test, I have not heard any word from the company.

  22. In our district we have interviews of everyone who is interested. After all the interviews are held they are ranked and they contacted. Our last interviews here were 21st and the hires will be called starting Monday. Can’t say for sure how they do it where you are. Good luck to you.

    Matt Claus

  23. if i failed the final exam where can i take it again? I was in Rosemary Mika’s saturday morning’s class. My final exam was a score of 76.

    Thelma Ramsey

  24. Thelma —

    You cannot retake the final exam. I took the h&r block tax course and there were no makeup exams at all.

  25. What is the hourly salary range for one who passes the course and is hired to prepare tax returns in H&R offices?

  26. Mike-

    Pay scale is the same for all associates of the same skill level. Your paycheck depends on the number of hours you work and the number of returns you complete. Once you are hired, you control how quickly you increase your skill level through continuing education. Most first year preparers are part time employees, and of course you only work from January through April, unless you reach a higher skill level and are offered year-round employment. Talk to your Block district manager for more details.

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