Signing Off

September 22, 2005

Time to pack up the computer. God bless!

10 responses to Signing Off

  1. Good luck! I’m praying that it will miss you completely!!!!

  2. Good luck JLP… we’ll be hoping for the best up here.

  3. Good luck JLP…I hope that you and your family will be safe.

  4. Be safe, my friend. I’m glad you know when to get out of Dodge.

  5. God bless you guys, I am praying that you will be safe.

  6. Stay safe, hopefully everything will turn out okay.

  7. I wish you the best of luck. I am from Houston, and am wishing the best for everyone on the coast.

  8. I’m praying that the whole thing falls apart. Maybe we’ll see ya here in OK!

  9. Hope all goes well! This is historic event!

  10. I hope you and your family stay safe. Hopefully your home and community will be spared from major damage.