Hurricane Update

I have this ominous feeling that we are about to lose EVERYTHING! Well, not everything, but at least our house and everything else that we can’t pack up. This is some serious stuff (I really want to cuss right now but don’t want to offend my readers). Rita has taken a major turn and is now expected to make landfall about 30 – 40 miles to the west of my house.

I’m trusting God, but I have the feeling that He is not going to answer my prayers the way I want Him to.

My family and I will most likely be leaving today. I’m at least taking my computer with me and will try to log on when I can. I’ll also try to take some “before” and “after” pictures.

Gotta run. Take care everyone. Hopefully, we will have a home to come back to.

JLP’s Hurricane Plan

I moved to Texas in June of 1992. By September of that year, I had already experienced my first evacuation for Andrew (I think). At the time I was an employee of a grocery store. I remember the day that everyone was to evacuate was supposed to be my day off. I got called in to work. The store was a nuthouse. People were frantic, clearing off shelves and fighting over bottles of water. It was crazy. My canned good isle was decimated.
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