Rita Update

We went to check out our house yesterday. Although our house didn’t sustain any real damage, several of our neighbors did. I took some pictures and will be posting them in a little while. It is really sad to see just how many trees we lost. Our biggest tree in the backyard is gone. It looks like someone just pulled it out of the ground and laid it down. The sad thing is that it was our nicest tree and a tree that prevented the sun from beating down on our house during the day! It’s also ironic that a tree that size blows over and my $200 metal shed was untouched.

Anyway, here are the pictures (bigger pictures are here and here):

JLP's Palace Before

JLP's Palace After

4 thoughts on “Rita Update”

  1. great to hear that you guys are fine and your home is okay…
    we had a tornado come by our house a few years ago, totally destroyed our neighbors house, and didn’t so much as touch our plastic swingset…strange stuff

  2. Good to hear there wasn’t extensive damage…we’ve had 3 hurricanes come
    through Japan this year, but we live far enough inland that we don’t get
    the brunt of them. Still, you are never sure and you were smart to take
    the precautions and leave to be safe.

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