Blogging About Blogs

My friend Ken Leebow recently moved his blog from blogger to another server. He also changed the name of his blog from BloggingAboutBlogs to Revolution 3.0. I know from experience that moving or changing a blog is a lot of work. It also seems to take FOREVER for your traffic to pick back up. Anyway, this is my effort to help him get back up and running to full speed.

Also, Ken is the author of several internet-related books, which would make excellent stocking stuffers.

3 thoughts on “Blogging About Blogs”

  1. A bit off topic, but I’m surprised that you’ve had so much difficulty importing your old posts into WordPress. I’ve never tried it myself, but a lot of people do it. That wouldn’t be a quick fix, but it would certainly help with site traffic down the line as your new site rises in the search engine rankings. Do you still get a lot of traffic at your old site?

  2. Nickel,

    LOL! I tried importing again tonight and had the same problem occur again. Obviously, I must be doing something wrong.

    As far as my traffic at the old blog, it has fallen dramatically. However, the traffic I do get there mostly comes from Google search. I’ve been pretty happy with the progress the new blog has been making.

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