Do You Tithe?

I think it is kind of funny that with all the different religions and their different beliefs, they all believe in tithing. Religious groups will pick apart pretty much any doctrine or belief but THEY ALL believe in tithing. This brings me to the Question of the Day:

Do you tithe?

For those who may not be familiar with the concept of tithing, a “tithe” is ten percent of your income. A person who gives five percent of their income to their church isn’t tithing because they aren’t giving ten percent. The purpose of the tithe is to support the functions of the local church as well as provide a living for the church staff.

My wife and I tithe. However, we don’t tithe it all to our local church. We direct some of our tithe outside our local church to three different Christian organizations. I’m curious as to what my readers’ opinions are regarding tithing. Please send me your comments.

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  1. A childhood spent entirely in Catholic school and I never knew that tithing was specifically 10%. I know that 10% was the suggested amount, but I didn’t know that less wasn’t considered a tithe.

    You learn something new everyday.

    And, to answer your question, we don’t tithe. We do give some money to charity, but I am pretty sure it is no where near 10% of our income. I like to think I make up for it by doing volunteer work (Meals on Wheels deliveries and such), but I probably should give more money to charity.

  2. While many may disagree, the fact is that the New Testament never teaches believers to “tithe”, it teaches them to give. As a believer, I realize the realities of running a church. There are bills to pay, lights to run, pastors to pay, books to be bought. These things take money. Wherever your heart is, that is where your treasure will be. Even while getting out of debt, we give 12 percent to our loacal church, and 3 percent to various other churches, organizations, schools, and ministries. I have found that the MORE I give, the MORE I receive. Take this example: We had a family in our church who was in need of some finanical help, about 300 dollars, for a light/water/rent bill. Well, I had planned to use 100 dollars for our budget, some of which would go towards debt re-payment. Instead, I wrote a check to our church, and, along with others, we paid their bill, not for just that month, but for 3 or 4 months. So, I am out 100 bucks, right… Well, no. See, if I help them get a leg up, then they can eventually become givers, and the church can grow, and I can benefit. Also, as a special bonus, exactly 1 week after I gave the 300 bucks, I went online and found that I was owed…150 bucks, for some work that I had done…ELEVEN YEARS before. Coincidence…Maybe… I don’t care. I did not give so that I WOULD RECEIEVE, I give because I have already been given to. If GOD REQUIRED that I give him ALL OF my money, I would, because of all that He has given me. I think each person should analyze the financial situation of his/her church, and give as lead by the Holy Spirit. But, I promise, as the old saying goes, you can’t outgive God.

  3. My husband and I tithe. Right now we give a bit to friends that are working in a ministry in St. Louis, and the rest of the 10% of our income goes to Compassion International, a Christian high school, and our church. Although right now we don’t have a home church, so we give that extra bit to wherever we see it is needed, such as friends that are in need, until we find a church.

  4. My wife and I pay 10% of our take-home pay, as well as a small amount each month to help the hungry. We’re pretty consistent about it, and I believe that it is beneficial to our finances, if only because it makes us have a mindset that we have plenty of money.

  5. ncnblog said it all for me too (as far as the reason for giving, the spirit of giving, etc.)

    We tithe 10% to our church (our interpretation is that the church is the storehouse and thus 10% is owed to it — not to be broken up among charities). Above this, we give offerings to the church and to various other organizations.

    It’s “funny”, the more we give, the more blessed we are — the more we make, the more our net income rises, etc.

    Thanks for bringing up the subject. 😉

  6. My wife and I give between 10 and 15 percent of our take home pay to our churches. (We are members of one congregation, but spend most of our time volunteering at another, smaller congregation.) I guess that qualifies as a tithe.

  7. Oh, and I agree with some of the other commenters that the more generous we become, the more we are blessed with. (Although I don’t think that is necessarily the reason to tithe. The reason we tithe is because everything we have is a gift from God. We just get to use it for a while. And we should follow the example of the generosity shown to us by giving to others.)

    Didn’t mean to turn this into a theological discussion.

  8. Hi JLP:

    I hope you will enjoy my account of the historical role of tithing during the Regency Period, as reflected in the works of one of my favorite authors, Jane Austen.

    My edited piece (from a paper) appears in my blog-in-progress.

    An Economic Analysis of Jane Austen

    Hope you find this illuminating.


  9. No. I’m cheap, in a field with wildly varying income – so I have to save every penny when times are good to cover the bad times – and most relevantly am a nominal deist.

  10. I’m not sure where you got the idea that all religions believe in tithing. Tithing is an alien concept for Hindus. Just fyi.

  11. SG,

    what ignorant nonsense? I am Hindu. Just because we don’t go by some Eurocentric terms does not mean there is no concept of such, it’s called daana or seva. Hindus practice Seva. Seva is one level higher than the christian concept of charity. With Charity comes prosletization and such baggage where as Seva is doing service with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPECTATION. Please read

    A note: I hate all kinds of promotion of ones religion and imposition of the same using terms like believers/non-believers/idolators/kaffirs. Unfortunately tithe or whatever that is finally makes way through aggressive evangelical organizations in promoting hatred, violence in far parts of the world ( India included ) decimating local cultures, pluralistic values and such. It’s a sad but true fact.


  12. The modern practice of tithing is based on a hodge-podge of half truths and heresy. The command to ‘prove’ God is based on a mis-understanding os Malachi 3:10. Proving God is a sin. Always was and always will be. Psalms 95 says it is, Malachi 3:15 says it is. The Hebrew word for prove was substituted with tempt in verse 3:15. God is merely repeating the pattern of what happened in the wilderness when after they tithed their manna into the pot, they tempted God for water. The windows of heaven is water. Placing money into the storehouse is equal to putting money into the manna pot. Manna is also called the bread of heaven. The exchange of the tithe for money in Deut. 25 is a fore-shadow of the exchange of Christ for thirty pieces of silver. The one-time offering of Christ as a priest after the order of Melchisedek is his blood. Those who receive money on the behalf of Christ are making money equal to the offering of his blood. This is why the prophecy in Zechariah 11 says, “They weighed for salary, thirty pieces of silver.” How about Abraham’s oath to not take ‘to a shoe’. Amos expands on this in Amos 2 and 8. The burden to tithe was placed on the land in the O.T. times. Today they have put the burden on the people. None of the Apostles tithed their fish. The law did not demand it. Only farmers and Levites tithed. None of them were called to the ministry either.

  13. i really believe that it is not even the amount that you gibe to God, but it is more about how willing and obedient to God you want to be.God does desire your 1o% tithe as well as a sacrificial offering, but hear me here, God would rather recieve 10 dollars from a willing giver, that 10 thousand from a person who really does not want to give.God examines the heart andf the motives behond tithing, and first derisre the heart to follow with the actions.I fyou love God you are willing to give because God has already Given to yuo in the firs t place and I did not give so that i would reciebve, I give because I have already been given to . If God required that I give him ALL OF my money, I would, because of all that He has given me

  14. Tithing has been one of the most mis-understood principles of the modern Church. Dueteronomy 14:22-29 completely explains what tithing was meant for, and it is not even followed today. Take the time and read this scripture, it is eye opening.

    According to this scripture the tithe is to support the work of God, but also to support the Orphans and the Widows. Sadly, these are almost completely neglected today by the Church.

    Also, according to this scripture, a portion of the tithe was for your family. To take time with your family and have a feast of thanksgiving before the Lord. I can tell you that part of it has completely gone out the window, which is a shame.

    As you look into the law of Tithing, it was actually a tax, which was not collected every 7th year.

    Giving in the new testament is not under the law. It is a matter of the heart. Even Paul states that people should decide in their own heart what to give.

    see Tithing and the Church.

  15. if there is a god, the tithe collectors are in deep trouble for preaching fear to collect money from people who cannot afford it. as in anything and everything, it’s all about money. liars and thieves come in all shapes and sizes.

  16. I always say what you said above. That is my number one statement: if there’s a teaching that all denominations, cults, and religions agree on then that’s the teaching that i want to run as far away from as possible. For goodness sake we all don’t agree about God. how come we don’t think there’s something fishy about the tithe.

  17. Giving is good but who said we should give tithe to the church and when. the first church did not have such a thing. These started good but now Ministers or Pastors concentrate much on making big churches as to gain more tithe these is not what we where about.
    If it is Why is it that Our Lord JESUS did not make a direct teaching concerning these mater since the is core of our modern Christianity. For beside the blessing of the Lord Tithe help the pastors only those at the church never see a thing .
    I worked for seven years in the church the only person who become rich in all these was a pastor not any member for it all goes to him. Where is the blessing in this. God Bless. my Spirit mind and soul is full of things to say but my hand can only do much! Take care what you do for you will be……..

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