A Feedburner Question for All You Experts

Ever since I started using WordPress Feedburner will not poll my Bloglines subscribers. So, my subscriber number in my little Feedburner chicklet doesn’t reflect my 233 Bloglines subscribers. I emailed Feedburner and the guy told me to do a re-direct. He sent me a link to this discussion in the Feedburner Forums. I read a few of the posts and figured out that I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. Is there anyone who can explain how to do this in plain English (preferably on a Kindergarten level)? Would I have to do anything different since I’m using WordPress?

Staying Put in Your Company’s 401(k) Plan When You Retire

Common knowledge has always been that when a person retires from a company they either take a lump sum check and stick in an IRA or have the company convert their 401(k) into a monthly income check. Either way, they were no longer in the company’s 401(k). According to Jeff Opdyke (free), it may be time to reconsider the status quo. Continue reading Staying Put in Your Company’s 401(k) Plan When You Retire

Making Financial Resolutions for 2006

2006 is just around the corner! When it comes to your finances, the beginning of the year marks an excellent time to make changes. I have six suggestions for New Years Resolutions for your finances. For this post I enlisted the help of some of my blogger friends. I want to say thanks to Jim, FMF, Flexo, Smarty, Jose, Alexander, and Jonathan for helping me put this post together. Continue reading Making Financial Resolutions for 2006

The Carnival of Investing – Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of the Carnival of Investing. There’s a lot of interesting stuff from a lot of different blogs so be prepared to spend some time here. I hope you enjoy.


Article Title

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

Wash Away Stock
Losers with Winners


13 Unconventional
Investments, Part 1


Simple IRA Transfers

The (not so) Daily Me

Investment Update

Investor Geeks

Bonds, Part I:
What are Bonds?

Internet Stock Blog

The Long Tail
Hits E-Commerce

Early Riser

Canadan Royalty Trusts


Dollar Cost Averaging
Lump Sum Investing

Political Calculations

Employee Stock
Purchase Plan

Searchlight Crusade

for Investing

PF Advice

Should We Expect
Double Digit Returns?

Canadian Capitalist

The Role of Reits
in a Portfolio

Financial Revolution

Signs of Creative

Neo’s Nest Egg

Dealing with

Capital Chronicle

Foreign Ownership
in the UK
Stock Market
and 2006 M&A

Retire at 30

End of Year
Stock Cleaning

The Consumer Electronic
Stock Blog

Lehman Brothers:
3G Mass Adoption Approaching –
Implications for
Wireless Companies

Shai Dardashti
on Grahamian Value

Pat Dorsey on Moats

Conversation with
Benjamin Graham

Bruce Sherman on
Hedge Funds


Reviewing a Proxy:
A Microsoft Case Study