Read What Richard Rainwater Reads – Oil Blogs

The Fortune Investor’s Guide 2006 has an article (sorry, no link) about Richard Rainwater. In the article, they refer to several blogs about oil that Rainwater reads. Here’s the list:

Life After the Crash – Rainwater considers it “an essential clearing-house.” – Oil analyst turned green activist Jan Lunderg. – Homepage of Cambridge Energy Research Associates.

The Oil Drum – Maintained by a team of anonymous academics. – Rainwater refers to this as a “fringe site.”

In addition, Foobarista sent me a link to another interesting post from Dean’ Blog.

7 thoughts on “Read What Richard Rainwater Reads – Oil Blogs”

  1. People have been predicting the “end of oil” ever since I was eight, and I’m 41. Someday they’ll be right, but until I see it happening myself, I wouldn’t make economic decisions based on their predictions, given that every single bigthink disaster prediction in my lifetime has come to naught.

    For an interesting counterargument (that I don’t necessarily endorse either as both arguments aren’t in my field), you could have a look at this thread

  2. Back in 1978 while working on a research paper in college, I found a series of articles written
    by a respected MIT professor which purported that the world would soon run out of oil. The
    articles were written in the 1920’s. So believe what you will.

  3. It’s not easy to discount Richard Rainwater’s thinking…he is not some lefty tree hugger who has spent his life trying to ‘green’ the world but a thoughtful investor, who has figured out how to capitalize on major (and minor) world events…this one deserves serious attention…our dependence on oil, particullary foreign oilis a serious problem that will not get better until we match the problem with an appropriately sized solution…check out and join the effort to reduce the impact foreign oil has on our economic and political future.

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