A Feedburner Question for All You Experts

December 30, 2005

Ever since I started using WordPress Feedburner will not poll my Bloglines subscribers. So, my subscriber number in my little Feedburner chicklet doesn’t reflect my 233 Bloglines subscribers. I emailed Feedburner and the guy told me to do a re-direct. He sent me a link to this discussion in the Feedburner Forums. I read a few of the posts and figured out that I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. Is there anyone who can explain how to do this in plain English (preferably on a Kindergarten level)? Would I have to do anything different since I’m using WordPress?

2 responses to A Feedburner Question for All You Experts

  1. JLP,
    We’ve had similar setups (switching from Blogger to WordPress). I’ll be glad to help.

    As some history, I had severe problems with Feedburner after I switched to wordpress. I fought and fought and fought for almost 3 days with mediocre progress.

    What finally solved my problem, took only 5 minutes. I don’t know if you’re using it yet, but my lifesaver was the Feedburner WordPress plugin.

    If you’re using it, and the pre-Wordpress Bloglines subscriptions aren’t reporting, then that’s another issue, and you should use a redirect where your old feed was and now point it to your new Feedburned location. This part took me a little playing with, but it went pretty quick. I was able to get mine to work, so I’d think we could get yours to work too. This is the part that’ll probably require a little more involved help.

    If you haven’t installed the WordPress Feedburner plug in, do it. It’ll only take a few minutes and it helps a bundle, and may solve the issue. If you still have trouble afterwards, let me know and I’ll do my best to help some more.

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