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This is the introductory post to a new “marathon of personal finance” that AllThingsFinancial is going to host over the next 24 days. I got this idea from a series called Money 101 produced by Money magazine. I got to thinking that this would be a great series to run on this blog. However, what is going to be different about this series is that I have enlisted the help of my fellow blogger friends.

Over the next 24 days beginning Thursday, I will post about a different personal finance topic. I will include links to posts from other bloggers that are appropriate for that topic. The response has been terrific. Over the next 24 days we will discuss a wide range of personal finance topics. You won’t want to miss it.


NOTE TO BLOGGERS: I tried to include everyone. If for some reason you weren’t included, it wasn’t intentional. Please send me an email and I will be happy to send you the list of topics and you can then send me the links.


January 31, 2006

I don’t usually talk about individual stocks. Today I will make an exception. Google announced their fourth quarter earnings results this afternoon. Although the results weren’t necessarily bad, they weren’t up to analysts’ expectations. In after-hours trading the stock is getting hammered, down nearly $69 per share at this writing. All I can say is that IT’S ABOUT TIME! There was no way Google could continue on its rampage.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Oh, and NO, I don’t own any Google stock.

This is a post that I moved over from my old blog.

The quick answer is: it depends. The main factors to consider when deciding which mortgage is best are:
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Frugal Underground is hosting this week’s Festival of Frugality. Stop by and check it out. Although frugality is related to personal finance, it is much broader than that. You’ll see what I mean.

Roth v. 401(k)

January 31, 2006

This question was asked in the comments section for my post Calculating the True Costs of 401(k) Contributions:

I think this is likely a dumb question but I need it answered once and for all! My company doesn’t match 401(k) contributions (they contribute $25 per pay period regardless). So shouldn’t I fully fund a Roth IRA before contributing any money into my 401(k)? It’s better to having money grow for 30 years than get the pre-tax benefit and then have the growth taxed at the end, right? I’m 37, btw. – hickory

Here’s my response:
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Americans Aren’t Saving

January 30, 2006

This article on the Arizona Republic website talks about the latest Commerce Department report on Personal Income and Outlays (PDF). Apparently American’s savings have hit the lowest level since the Depression. According to the report: Continue Reading…

Pamela Yip at the Dallas Morning News has written a pretty good article discussing Separately Managed Accounts. As with anything, SMAs aren’t for everyone. Continue Reading…