Carnival of Personal Finance – Week 30

Hi and welcome to AllThingsFinancial’s presentation of week 30 of the Carnival of Personal Finance. We had 24 submissions for this carnival so there is a lot for you to check out. I hope you enjoy. Next week’s carnival will be held by my blogger friend, SavvySaver. Now let’s get started.

Editor’s Choices

We are now a full week in 2006 and that means that we are getting closer to tax time. Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity offers up tips for Organizing Your Tax Information.

Nickel talks about Filing a PayPal Buyer’s Complaint.

Flexo addresses Rebate Scams.

FMF of FreeMoneyFinance tells you to Educate Yourself into Riches


Ted over at Retire at 30 continues his series on budgeting with Budgeting Made Easy, Part 2: Buy Quicken while Ironman at Political Calculations offers a handy little calculator to help you figure
Your 2006 Paycheck. Speaking of taxes, SavvySaver has started a tax series. Here’s the first part: Tax Season Phase One: The Gathering

Decorating a house can really sock it to your budget unless you heed The Common Room’s Decorating on a Budget. The guys over at SoundMoneyTips have a Tip For Saving On A Weight Loss Program. And, rounding up the budgeting section of this carnival is No Credit Needed with his Grocery Price Book


Just one entry in the debt category. It comes to us from Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog who tells us to Be Wary of Tricky Credit Card Offers.

Taking Care of Business

I have only purchased one house in my lifetime. I hope I never have to do it again. However, if I do, I’ll pay attention to the advice that Dan at Searchlight Crusade presents in his post Buying One Property While Selling Another.

If you own a business, you won’t want to miss HG Stern’s InsureBlog post Buy & Sell, Part 2. Proper business planning is very important.

Financial Planning

One of the great things about blogging is that it allows people to give firsthand accounts of their experiences. Caitlin at Clutter2Cash does just that in her post My 2 Cents on HSBCDirect.

In the spirit of the new year (how much longer is it the new year?), Just Another Money Blog talks about10 Financial Strategies for the New Year and Journey to Financial Freedom has a Formula to be Financially Free. Jon at SmartMoneyDaily asks How Much Money Does it Take to be Rich? My guess is that it is probably more than you think.

Most people use an insurance agent. But, as Early Riser points out, Can You Trust Your Insurance Agent? I better be able to trust mine (he’s my father-in-law). While we are on the topic of insurance, be sure and check out PF Advice and his post Time to Refinance – But Not Your Home.

And, for those who are approaching retirement, Tick Marks addresses some important issues in Healthcare After 55 – Are You Ready?


The last category for this week’s carnival is Investing, which had several excellent posts submitted.

George at FatPitchFinancials shows us how to get Free Morningstar Stock Research.
TheHappyCapitalist (go Jayhawks!) talks about how a computer glitch caused serious problems in his post NASD Flunks Its Exam. The guys over at InvestorGeeks talk about what’s available in The Money Market and You.

Financial Reference is Irked about hedging. You can’t invest unless you have savings. However, how much should you save each month? Financially Independent has The 10% Rule.

No investment portfolio is complete without an international component. Or is it? Clint at Million Dollar Goal weighs the pros and cons in his post International Investing – Pros and Cons.

Finally, last but certainly not least, my friend Shai (pronounced “shy”) has written
An Open Letter to Joel Greenblatt, author of the best-seller The Little Book That Beats the Market.

That’s All Folks!

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