January 31, 2006

I don’t usually talk about individual stocks. Today I will make an exception. Google announced their fourth quarter earnings results this afternoon. Although the results weren’t necessarily bad, they weren’t up to analysts’ expectations. In after-hours trading the stock is getting hammered, down nearly $69 per share at this writing. All I can say is that IT’S ABOUT TIME! There was no way Google could continue on its rampage.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Oh, and NO, I don’t own any Google stock.

7 responses to Google

  1. How did u know to short a thousand shares of Google 🙂 ps I bet “they” will buy on the dip!

  2. Are you sure you don’t have a growth mutual fund with just a little GOOG? 😉

  3. Okay, okay. Maybe I should have said “I do not own any Google stock that I am aware of.”

  4. My Dad tries to beat the market by picking individual stocks. It’s just a form of gambling.
    Unless you have the time to follow the market and each company’s news and financials, it’s impossible to predict the market. Google is not going to plummet and it will probably rebound. But anyone that knows anything about
    investing knows that diversification is a wise financial strategy, not a cop out.

  5. Liked your story.
    Just entered a story on google on my blog this morning.

  6. I especially like how you said “It’s about time!!” and the stock price was back over $400 today…