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There has been lots of talk lately about pension plans and their impact on retirement planning as this article by William Neikirk of the Chicago Tribune shows. If you have a pension plan, chances are pretty good that it will be taken away from you at some point in the future. Continue Reading…

Link Requests

January 30, 2006

Here’s an interesting post on The Do’s and Don’ts of Requesting Links on the FollowSteph blog. Personally, although I have done it in the past once or twice, I HATE asking for links. In fact, Continue Reading…

George at FatPitchFinancials has done a nice job hosting Week 33 of the Carnival of Personal Finance. There’s lots of good stuff there so go check it out.

I finally broke down and installed Spam Karma 2 today. I had to. Some jackass (I know it’s probably some computer program doing the spamming, but my guess is there was a jackass somehow behind it!) sent me no less than 200 spam comments today. Of course they were all held for moderation but it was still a pain deleting them. I also have email alerts when I get new comments so I had 200 email messages to clear out too.

One would think that spammers would figure out that they are just wasting time. Sure, their tactics might have worked in the past when blogging and commenting were new, but I just can’t see the average blog reader clicking on a spam comment. I’m sure the spammers are also trying to mess with Google so that their websites rank higher in search results.

Anyway, it’s a big waste of time all around.

Blog of the Week – No. 18

January 29, 2006

This week’s Blog of the Week goes to Canadian Financial Stuff, which is a blog run by the Big Cajun Man. Yeah that’s right, I said “Cajun.” He told me where he came up with the name before but I have forgotten. Perhaps he will leave a comment explaining his nickname. In the meantime, check out his blog. He has a sense of humor, which makes his posts entertaining.

OT: My Boys

January 28, 2006

Sometimes my kids just amaze me.

B, my oldest son, let a friend use his skateboard. The friend accidentally let it fall into the storm drain. I tried to help B fish it out but the storm drain was too deep. Anyway, he lost the skateboard. He was quite bummed by the whole deal. The friend’s mom offered to buy him a new one but I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was a $70 skateboard so I told her not to worry about it. Besides, it was 5 months old and pretty messed up.

I worked a deal out with B and told him that his mother and I would pay half on a new skateboard. He thought that was fair. He didn’t have his half saved up yet so it was going to take a few weeks before he was able to buy a new one.

My other son, P, is going to turn 9 in a week or so. For his birthday we are taking him and a couple of friends to a skate park. My oldest son was upset because he wouldn’t have his new board by then and wouldn’t be able to participate in the fun. So, P gave (not loaned) B all his money so that he could have enough to buy his own skateboard before the birthday party. I thought that was pretty awesome for my youngest son to do that. Believe me, he understands money and was fully aware of what he was doing.

After seeing the way my boys beat the crap out of each other, it just blows my mind that my kids can at times be so freakin’ mean to each other and then at other times be so selfless. It truly amazes me. Anyway, I just thought it was a neat experience to share.

Turbo Tax is offering a gift card program this year. Here’s how it works: Continue Reading…