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Michael’s Trying Out Prosper

February 28, 2006

Michael over at It’s Your Money is Trying Out Prosper. For the three of you who haven’t heard about it yet, Prosper is supposed to be a peer-to-peer lender. To find out more, go to

What I’m Reading to My Boys

February 28, 2006

While at the local bookstore a while back, I picked up and started reading Joel Greenblatt’s The Little Book That Beats the Market. Although I’ve expressed reservations about the book, I have to say that I like the way it is written. In fact, Continue Reading…

The End of Free Feedburner!

February 28, 2006

Well, now Feedburner has started charging a fee if I want to view anything other than VERY basic stats. It stinks because I just figured out how to get all my feeds to go through Feedburner so that I could track which stories were most popular.

Any other feed services out there that compare to Feedburner? I’ll dump them in a heartbeat and I bet lots of other bloggers would join me.

Winning the Lottery

February 28, 2006

Flexo has highlights some advice from Bankrate for those who won the lottery. I don’t know the exact numbers but it seems like a lot of lottery “winners” eventually become bankrupt. I guess the reason for that is that they don’t know how to manage money and I’m sure lots of evil people come into the picture to try to “help” them. Anyway, if you win the lottery LOOK OUT! Oh, and read Flexo’s post BEFORE you do anything.

Scott interviews NCN of NoCreditNeeded. It’s a good podcast.

A great way to follow what’s up with Scott is to subscribe to his feed.

Jim Interviews Phil Town

February 28, 2006

If you have been reading personal finance or investing blogs for a while, you have probably heard of Phil Town, the author of “Rule #1”. My MoneyBlogNetwork buddy, Jim, has posted an interview with Phil. One thing that bugs me about this interview is how Phil skirts around the question: Continue Reading…

No, this isn’t some intro to a multi-level marketing scheme.

If you are like a lot of people, you are probably getting a decent tax refund this year. Did you know that with some planning, you can actually have that money during the year instead Continue Reading…