Hey, Attention is Attention!

Looks like myself and a few other bloggers (Rarely Right, TheHappyCapitalist, AbnormalReturns, ControlledGreed and few others) got mentioned in a recent Market Watch article. Only this mention wasn’t exactly favorable. Oh well, I guess not everybody likes me.

I’m going to pay attention to my hits and see if this guy’s mention brings any traffic my way. If it doesn’t then we will know just how big an influence he isn’t. Honestly, I don’t hold anything against him. He’s entitled to his opinion.

One other way to look at this is maybe he’s trying to get traffic to his column! LOL! He knows all the bloggers are going to be writing about this.

8 thoughts on “Hey, Attention is Attention!”

  1. Only a ‘professional writer’ is capable of sharing an opinion, right? Only a ‘professional writer’ is capable of sharing his life experiences. I and most others, happen to post out my personal finances so I do try to keep it as anon as possible. If Mr Weidner would like to level the playing field, let him post out his personal financial numbers. So Mr Weidner what is your net worth, and your income? My rebuttal post will be forthcoming. JLP, rock on!

  2. 12 years of experience in journalism + 1 snarky column trashing blogs = someone’s concerned about the growing popularity of blogs… hmmmm?

  3. guys guys, come on, you’re being too harsh. He isn’t critical of all blogs. He likes gossip blogs that don’t directly compete with him. So long as you aren’t offering any real advice, you have his permission to share your opinions.

  4. Editor: David, write a column on blogs. They are ‘in’.

    David: But I don’t wanna. I’m a Real Journalist.

    Editor: Do it or you’re fired.

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