I Had to Upgrade my Cell Phone

I guess I dropped my Motorola T-720 one too many times. The last time I dropped it the screen became this lovely blue color with a touch of red, rendering the phone useless. So, I went to Cingular.com to check out my options. I decided on another Motorola. This time it was the Motorola V557, which has something called Bluetooth. I’m not really up on all that stuff but I’ve heard that blue teeth are in. Now I can go around with my shiny new phone and tell people that it has blue teeth. I’m sure they will be impressed.

My original two-year contract ends later this month so I decided signing a new two-year contract was an okay idea. Doing so, allowed me to get the V557 for $49 after a $50 rebate, which I thought was reasonable. Upgrading my plan was easy too. Cingular has a pretty easy user interface. The only thing that kind of ticked me off is when I got to the last screen to pay and I noticed an $18.00 “one-time user upgrade fee.” Being the cheapskate that I am, I called the company and griped about the $18 fee. The guy from Cingular told me that there was nothing he could do. I told him that I thought the fee was silly and I really didn’t like the fact that I didn’t find out about the fee until I was ready to pay. I felt as though they were trying to sneak it in. Finally I stomached the fee and went ahead and did the purchase.

I know all wireless companies have their issues but so far I really have liked Cingular. I think they have been fair with me and were really pretty nice when I went way over my minutes during Hurricane Rita I(I detail the experience here and the follow-up here). So, I guess you could say that Cingular gets JLP’s Seal of Approval (please don’t confuse this with the Goodhousekeeping Seal of Approval, which might carry more weight).

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    Congratulations, JLP!

    Did you look at ebay for new phones (you will need to look for unlocked phones)? In my experience, they are not any cheaper than what the Stores (Cingular/Verizon etc) give you but they do throw in a lot of freebies…. I got a bluetooth headset, a leather case, an earpiece and travel charger for the same amount. I guess you would have had to pay for these at the store. Also, are you getting any corporate discounts on your Cingular bill? If not, you should do that ASAP. I save 23% off of my regular bill as my company has a deal with Cingular!Cheers!

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