Dang Oprah Has A Lot of Commercials!

February 24, 2006

Geez, I bet if you took away all the commercials, Oprah would be a 30 minute program!

6 responses to Dang Oprah Has A Lot of Commercials!

  1. lol, why are u watching her show so much.

    and yeah, its quite annoying.

  2. oh wait because of her new Friday debt thinga eh. Still haven’t got a chance to watch it yet. heh.

  3. Her shows are junk, folks. More moderate, more professional in taste, but still junk. It would have been MUCH more effective for someone like CBS or something to do a piece on poverty, and how important it is for EVERYONE to budget their money and make smart spending decisions.

  4. i love all of oprah shows i watch them every day she is great she should run for president of the united states

  5. I thought the same exact thing. I don’t watch Oprah either, but I really like that she’s doing this piece. We have all heard how powerful the Oprah marketing machine is. She can turn any book into a best seller. With her “favorite things” piece literally get many thousands to buy anything. She reaches an audience that would never stumble onto financial blogs. She is using her powers for good.

  6. Can you list those commericals next time you watch? I want to boycott her sponsors. Thank you.