What $300,000 + Buys You in…

This will be kind of fun. I and hopefully my other blogger friends will take you on a tour to show you what $300,000 will buy you in various parts of the country. When I say “$300,000 +” that means that the purchase price is around $300,000. The cities will be arranged in alphabetical order. I submitted Houston.

UPDATE: So far, I think the winner is the house in Indianapolis followed by Houston.

Baltimore – via Jim at Blueprint

Boston, MA – via John at Adult ADD and Finances

Central Connecticut – via Ms. Balance at OurBalanceSheet

Denver – via Trip at Musing Money

Encino, CA – via Cathy at ChiefFamilyOfficer

Hoboken, NJ via StockMarketBeat


Indianapolis – via Dustin at Financial Freedom 4 All

Jamestown, ND – via A Penny Saved

King George, VA – via John at MightyBargainHunter

Lincoln Park, NJ – via Michael at MichaelMonaco

Mountain View, CA – via Foobarista

New York, NY – via Madame X at MyOpenWallet

Poughkeepsie, NY – via RS at Young Professionals Financial Blog

Philadelphia – via Claire at TiredButHappy

Plainsboro, NJ – via Flexo at ConsumerismCommentary

Rockville, MD – via Nick at Funny Munny

San Jose, CA – via Chrees at Chrees’ World

Seattle, WA – via Kassy at SparingChange

Wenatchee, WA – via Carol at Carol’s Wenatchee

Outside the U. S.

London, UK – via Dave at Dave’s Money Ideas

Ottawa – via The Canadian Capitalist

Vancouver – via InvestingIntelligently

41 thoughts on “What $300,000 + Buys You in…”

  1. $314K will buy you this wonderful 1/1, 35 year old condo in my zipcode…

    Thankfully, I bought my townhouse here ($650K in current market, 2/2, 1300 square feet) in the late 1990s for about $300K. About the only good thing is “Prop 13”, which fixes your property tax assessments at the price you paid + 1%/year, so if you don’t move, property taxes stay about the same and drift lower as a percentage of the market price…

  2. “JLP at AllThings Finanical wanted financial blogs in other areas of the country to show you what $300,000 buys you in other areas of the world . I think it is pretty interesting to see the disparity of what 300K will buy you. I live around Boston and in Boston $300,000 will get you a nice 450 square foot studio condo in the heart of the city.”

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