The Carnival of Personal Finance – Week 40

March 20, 2006

Hi and welcome to the 40th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. I hope you enjoy the organized format. I recieved around 40 submissions so this was a big carnival to put together.

NOTE: If your submission isn’t included, don’t panic. I received several submissions late Sunday afternoon and evening and didn’t have time to include them. I’ll try to add them before 12:00 PM (CST).

Now, on with the carnival:

UPDATE: The entries that were late are in the shaded cells. Scroll down, you’ll see what I mean.


Article Title


Adult ADD and Finances

Five Ways I Wasted
Money This Week

Single Mom & Money

Dining Out –
My Most Sinful Vice

Kirby on Finance

Can You Afford
to be so Frugal?

A Geek’s World

Why You Should Use
Online Bill Pay

Inchoate Random Abstractions

Keeping Up with
the Joneses…
the Flip Side of the Coin

Young and Broke

Being Cheap is Cool

Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge

Buying Checks Online

Money and Investing

Saving Money By
Paying Someone?

No Credit Needed

All Aboard…!

Budget Guy

My Budgeting Method


What’s the best
way to budget?

Sound Money Tips

The Cost of
Owning a Dog

Journey To Financial Freedom

Saving Tips That
Make Your
Budget Work



Five Steps to Becoming
a Great Small Business


Sitting Pretty

Beyond Burgers

Insure Blog

Are Stupid

Free Money Finance

Education is the
Key to Getting
a Good Job

It’s Just Money

The Loser Mentality

Seattle Simplicity

Career vs.
Pursuing Your Passion

The Career Intensity Blog

How to Ask
for a Raise


2 Cents Worth

Good Debt,
Bad Debt

Pacesetter Mortgage Blog

Credit Bureaus Are
Selling Your Personal
Mortgage Inquiry!

Make Love Not Debt

FICO as a
Mathematical and
Sociological Challenge


Old Niu’s Blog

Americans and
Net Worth, 2004

Chief Family Officer

Don’t Let Perfect-
ionism Stop You


The Real Returns

Index Fund

Ask Uncle Bill

The Law Of
or Supply
Meets Demand

Wealth Junkie

Rule #1:
Buy This Book

The Dividend Guy Blog

Percentage of
Earnings to Invest

Financial Options

The Week Ahead:
Your Financial
Road Map for
March 20-24, 2006


The Net Worth Blog

Personal Enrichment:
Buy Real Estate Now?
Wait Til Mortgage Rates
Go Higher!

Financial Reference

The House

Searchlight Crusade

Banks Give Better
Deals Than Brokers

Savvy Saver

Mortgage Gloom
and Doom


In Cash Flow We Trust

for Babies


Roth & Company Tax Update

Don’t Hire a
Pollster to do Your Taxes

Canadian Financial Advice

Taxes: On Line
Submission Wonderful!

Financial Freedom 4 All

Children and
Tax Advantages

The Picket Line

Some Tax
Code Geekery

Five Cent Nickel

IRA Contribution

My Financial Journey

Am I Saving
Too Much in
Tax Advantaged Accounts?


Personal Finance Advice

What’s Your
Personal Information

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

Taboo of
Divulging Income

“D”igital Breakfast

Sun Tzu and the
Art of Personal

Educating the Wheelers

My Absolute Worst
Financial Mistake
Ever, Bar None

Dave’s Money Ideas

Utilize Your PC!


Snow Job About
The Public Debt

24 responses to The Carnival of Personal Finance – Week 40

  1. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Great job buddy

    Terrific job! I really prefer these more organized formats; makes it easier to get a handle on what’s offered.

    Thank you for hosting this week!

  4. Top job, love the format very easy to use.

  5. Thanks for hosting-Nice format! Steve

  6. Wow! That’s a lot of submissions. These are great categorizations. It really helps deciding what to read first. Thanks for putting me towards the top! 😉

  7. Good Mornin JLP! *wavin*

    I like how you organized the submissions. The format makes it so much easier to read. Thanks for hosting.

    Have a Fabulous Monday!

  8. Nice Job! I like the format. Clean and very easy on the eyes.

  9. Thanks for all the comments and the compliments on the format. It took me FOREVER to get it formatted right. It seems like there should be an easier way to make tables in HTML! There’s got to be a better way!

    Anyway, it was fun hosting this carnival.

  10. Good job with the carnival!

  11. Nice job – very clean, and a very easy to follow format.

  12. Referenced from my site.

  13. Thanks for hosting. The format is great and I agree 100% that HTML tables stink, someone needs to write a good table plugin for WordPress

  14. Great Blog! Thanks for making it ‘easy’ to read!

  15. Thanks for adding my article at the last minutes. I really appreciate your kindness 🙂

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