I’m In “The” Money!

Money Magazine, that is.

I just received the April issue of Money Magazine (sorry, the April issue isn’t online yet) and saw on page 44A that there is an article on financial blogs (I’ll post a link as soon as it is up). George Mannes, the author of the article, was kind enough to include AllThingsFinancial. The other four blogs mentioned in the article are:





19 thoughts on “I’m In “The” Money!”

  1. neato!

    I think you got the link to soundmoneytips wrong, its the one on the seeking alpha network right? Just FYI.

  2. That’s awesome! It’s great to see personal finance blogging get some mainstream media attention. It’s well deserved!

  3. Wow – Money magazine – that is great! I am waiting for the day personal finance blogging is mentioned in Reader’s Digest and TV Guide – when it is then we will KNOW it has hit mainstream 😉

  4. It’s funny, my money issue does not have a page 44a. Are you talking about money magazine?

    April’s cover story is:

    The money moves you must get right (if you want to retire rich)

    It’s weird…anyone else?

  5. Jonathan,

    The article is in the “The Best of…” section and is titled “Blogs from the Financial Front.”

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