The Fed Unveils a New Website for Kids

The Federal Reserve has a new website for kids ( Although most kids won’t have an interest in the website, it is still a pretty good resource for answering these questions:

What is the Federal Reserve System?

Who created the Federal Reserve, and when was it created?

What is the Board of Governors?

Who are the members of the Board of Governors?

Where is the Federal Reserve Board of Governors located?

What are the twelve Federal Reserve Districts?

What are the main responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System?

What is the federal funds rate?

What is inflation?

What is the FOMC, and what does it do?

Then, after they have read all the sections, there’s a QUIZ to test their knowledge of the Federal Reserve System. Master this, and they will be the life of the next cocktail party. I’ll TRY to get my boys to go through the website and report back to you what their thoughts were.

There’s also a really nice website for older kids and teachers.

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