OT: Another Sad Post

This afternoon, on the way to a soccer game, a bus carrying the high school girls soccer team swerved to avoid an object that had fallen off the back of an oncoming truck. The bus slid off the road, rolled over and landed in a ditch. Two girls on the bus were killed. One of those girls had a space on My Space. It is really sad to think that she will never post to her space again and won’t get to experience the things she had planned like going to Texas A&M this fall. It just goes to show you how fragile life really is. Only God knows the number of days we have on this earth. Try hard to enjoy them all.

3 thoughts on “OT: Another Sad Post”

  1. That is a horrible tragedy. Terrible things happening like that is what motivates me to simplify my life and enjoy each day that I have here on earth. Thanks for posting this reminder to the blogosphere, JLP.

  2. It puts things into so much perspective. The things I worry about don’t seem to matter now. Good post, sometimes I guess we all need to be reminded about how precious life is…

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