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April 14, 2006

Has Anyone Experienced Success with Carleton Sheets’ Real Estate Program?

I was up late last night and the TV was on in the other room. I went in to turn it off and saw that a Carleton Sheets’ Infomercial was on. Of course, as an infomercial, there were all these people talking about how great the program was. Me being the skeptic that I am, wondered if this were really true. So, I’m asking you guys. Have ANY of you had any success with Carleton Sheets’ program or any program for that matter?

As a skeptic, my thought is that Mr. Sheets is making way more money selling the program than his students are following his advice. Also, if he is so successful doing what he does, why is he hawking his course? If it were true that he was doing it to help other people out, then why does he charge so much?

What do you guys think?

Oh, John T. Reed has analyzed Carleton’s system.

5 responses to JLP’s Question of the Day

  1. Great question. I’ve always wondered about that guy. I think his infomercial has been running for like a decade. I have never met anyone that has used his program. I’m going to keep tabs on this post…

  2. JLP, I think your skeptical thoughts are correct!

  3. You know, it’s funny… I was just passing by a Carlton Sheets infomercial this morning, and I got to wondering the same thing…

  4. Check out johntreed.com.

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