Weekly Roundup

I usually put these out on Friday but yesterday I was busy with my boys so I put this off until today. Anway, here’s some highlights from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond:

MightyBargainHunter goes to great lengths to answer a question I had regarding HYIPs. Don’t know what HYIP stands for? Read his post to find out.

Jim at Blueprint highlights a tale of a woman who turned $3,000 into $210,000! It’s true. The only problem is that her $210,000 was paper gains and once the stock peaked, she rode it back down again. Read the story and you’ll see what I mean.

Flexo had his last day in his current job. Although he won’t be leaving his company, he will be changing locations which is kind of like starting over again. At least the new job will be closer to his home.

FMF wants you to quit your bad habits and invest the difference.

Nickel needs help finding a reputable mover as he has recently sold his home and bought another.

Michael at It’s Your Money writes Who Cares What Broke People Think. I don’t agree with Dave Ramsey’s advice but the story is still kind of cool.

Here’s someone who actually loves paying taxes! Maybe someday I’ll write why I HATE paying taxes.

Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog explains why he went with Scottrade as his broker.

Finally, last but not least, Cap over at StopBuyingCrap talks about giving money to beggars.

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  1. Good articles. That one about turning $3,000 into $210k is really compelling. The same principle is covered in a book I’m reading called The Big Money.

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