If Money Were No Object…

Single Mom wrote an “If Money Were No Object” post earlier today and it got me to thinking. Here’s what I would do if money were no object…

1. Give a really nice offering to our church.

2. Tell my wife to quit her job.

3. Fix up our house exactly the way we wanted it (put in a pool, a second story, a nice kitchen,…). We love the area we live in and aren’t really interested in moving unless we HAVE to.

4. Shore up the kids’ college funds. Set up funds for all my neices and nephews.

5. Dedicate time to teach kids about personal finance.

6. Give money away anonymously.

For instance, I was driving to the store one day and I noticed a guy out walking his dog. He had a bag with him and I noticed he bent down and picked up a piece of trash and put it in his bag. I guess since most people don’t do that kind of stuff, it really surprised me. Anyway, I got to thinking about how cool it would be to figure out who that guy was and to give him $1,000,000 anonymously with a note attached that said something like, “I saw you pick up that trash the other day. Thanks for making out town a better place to live. Here’s a million dollars. Enjoy!”

Wouldn’t that be cool to do?

I’m sure there’s more. However, I’m not really a “materialistic” person anymore. I’m sure I would buy some stuff, but I don’t think it would be anything outlandish. For instance, my “dream car” is an Infinity FX45. Yeah, they’re nice, but not really THAT expensive compared to other cars on the market.

Anyway, that’s what I would do. How about you? If you are a blogger and have posted about this on your blog, send me a link and I’ll add it to this list:


7 thoughts on “If Money Were No Object…”

  1. there are so many i forgot to list. i’d love to do your #5 and #6 too. honestly, other than a house on the water, i have every material item i’ve ever wanted. anything else would just be excess.

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