Blog of the Week – No. 32

This week’s Blog of the Week is PunnyMoney. I picked PunnyMoney because I like the author’s (his name is Nick) sense of humor even though it can be kind of gross. While “researching” for this BoTW post, I found myself reading 3 – 4 of his posts. Anyway, I think it is pretty good stuff and I think you will too.

You can also subscribe to his blog.

2 thoughts on “Blog of the Week – No. 32”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful honor! Unfortunately I don’t think my excellent tip for saving money in the underwear department is catching on, but the good news is that the seed company responded with a nice little letter of apology and a replacement seed packet. So yes, it ended up costing us 39 cents to get a 10-cent package of seeds replaced, but I feel pretty good about it.

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