Liberal Economist John Kenneth Galbraith Has Died

I’m not a fan of liberal economists but I wanted to share with you that John Kenneth Galbraith died this weekend at the age of 97. Something I found interesting in reading the article was that he was born on October 15th (my birthday), 1908 (the same year my Grandpa was born). It has nothing to do with anything but I thought it was interesting. Anyway, he lived a long, good life. I wish his family the best. Maybe someday I’ll read one of his books.

One thought on “Liberal Economist John Kenneth Galbraith Has Died”

  1. Not a great fan myself, either. But one must acknowledge the impact this intellectual has had on world economics. When I read the headline from, which included the word “liberal,” the first thing that came to my mind is that when I went through our public school system, I learned that he was one of the great economics minds of all time, period. There was no balance in portraying the negative sides of the socialist inefficiencies which his policies/ideas have created.

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