Rich Dad Wants to Coach Me!

Yes, there’s a bit of sarcasm to the title of this post. I wanted to share with you a copy of a letter that I received yesterday from RichDad:

Dear Investor:

As you know, my rich dad was the best financial and investing coach anyone could ever ask for. He taught me the fundamentals of making money which I have used to make millions.

My rich dad’s greatest lesson of all was that the rich are not smarter than the rest of us – they just know things about money that the middle class and poor do not! My rich dad said, “Business and investing are team sports.” The average investor or small-business person loses financially because they do not have a team. Instead of a team, they act as individuals who are trampled by very smart teams.

Now, I want to give you the same opportunity I had: to have a coach as a member of your team, helping you master the basics of becoming rich, and leading you step-by-step through the process of creating wealth by investing in real estate, paper assets, businesses, or whatever works for you. I’m not talking about a book and tape course. I’m talking about working with a professional Rich Dad Certified Coach, one-on-one, who will help you get where you want to go, and do what you want to do. Someone who can actually help you get rich.

My coaches and I will work with individuals from allover the financial map. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced investor, or just getting started. We can help you improve your velocity, and reach your goals faster.

This is your opportunity to make some real progress, and do so quicker than you may have thought possible. However, to take advantage of this offer, you must be highly motivated, and willing to work hard. Only serious applicants will be considered.

If you’re ready to change your life forever, then call my office and find out more about this extraordinary opportunity: Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX, Ext XXXX. Our offices are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday, and until 4:00 on Saturday.

Call now, and let us help you make the world a richer place!

Why would he (they) open with that stuff about his “Rich Dad” when we know that “Rich Dad” never existed? Interesting. I can only imagine how much a program like this would cost. Has anybody gone with this program? If so, let me know about your experience. If it was a bad experience and you are embarrassed about it, send me an email. I promise not to publish your name or humiliate you in any way.

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  1. We just got off the phone with a RDPD consultant for one and a half hours who told us that it would be $4899 today to join the program. My husband Googled this program while we were talking and found this site. I am so grateful because it made us feel good about our decision to not go with it. The things written here about the way they pressure you and require you to make a decision right now and make you feel like you won’t ever do without them, is all true. I lost respect for the consultant when he said that I had to decide now. I would not have gone with the program because that attitude showed me that they were not about careful, prudent, researched investment decisions. If you have to make a decision without speaking to someone else or having a chance to sleep on it, you should not make the decision. If they require you to do that, then they are requiring you to make a foolish financial decision. I do agree what many others say here that you can do it yourself by finding local mentors and free help locally. Thanks for all you who wrote of your experience to assure me that I made a good decision to decline the program. But I am motivated to put these principals and plans into action. Now I have an extra $5000 to do it!

  2. OK… I had a conversation with a potential coach about 5 days ago. I’m glad I read these posts. She told me that it didn’t sound like I was the type of person that was ready for the coaching. As a former sales person I’m disappointed in myself for not having seen the sales angle. She actually had me going a little. On the other hand, I’d like to highlight quickly the pluses and minuses I see from that conversation and reading these posts.

    To paraphrase Mary(29 May 2009), everything is a scam. LOL. Anyway, this does sound like a scam because of the variation in prices and the sales pitches. It also sounds like the coaches don’t really give people the time necessary to nurture a true mentoring relationship. On the plus side, it seems like it gives some people the psychological tools they need (i.e., discipline, confidence, etc.) to get started in doing the real work of investing. I have been involved in different markets in the past and know first hand the importance of these tools. The other positive is that it does give you someone to bounce ideas off of.

    Now, to refute one thing Mary, and others, mentioned — I swear I read other posts, but this one had the most meat with which to work — it IS possible to find your own mentor. I actually think it’s better to find your own mentor by joining an investment club of whatever type of asset you’re most interested. They exist EVERYWHERE. If you have the discipline and motivation on your own, this should work for you especially since you’ll have a more solid relationship with this mentor and they’ll be more accountable to you.

    As George Carlin said, what’s the point of motivation books? If you’ve got the motivation to go buy the book, then you’re motivated. Tell the salesperson **** you, I’m motivated. He always did like the expletives. LOL.

    Anyway, if you’re skeptical about how a relationship with your own mentor might work… they make money when you make money. One way I’ve seen it happen is that they have you do the leg work of finding the investment and you two come up with a deal on who’s going to invest what. You might invest 50-50, but he’ll take a 60-40 profit. I think deals like this are pretty good for both parties because they experienced person puts someone else to work for him and the learner gets to make money AND learn at the same time without paying a set price for tuition. Neither person should ever be over-extended.

    As for myself… I think I’m going to pass on the RD coaching. I’m going to go about the business of working with a financial planner whose fee I KNOW I can afford and whose services I have witnessed. Then I’m going to go about the business of joining an investment club.

    I’m thankful to all the posters on this page and look forward to putting the motivation and discipline I gained from the Army (HOOAH!) to work.

  3. I just had my introductory interview with Rich Dad coaching and the interview was fairly low pressure, however when he opened up the calendar for a date the first two dates didnt work for me due to a busy work schedule next week, so he said that “your flexibility is part of our evaluation of you” as a potential candidate for coaching. I got my “homework assignment” and scheduled my 1-hour interview for tomorrow at noon, and after hanging up I read all of your comments. then I went to the Better Business Bureau website and looked up Rich Dad Coaching, and PEI institute came up with a B rating and a number of complaints that were all resolved. PEI was not affiliated with the BBB. I then looked up Cash Flow Technologies and they ARE listed in BBB with an A rating and a complete profile on them including names of all their corporate officers. I called back the number of my “coach” – aka salesman, and left a voicemail stating that I am cancelling my coaching interview because I prefer to deal only with BBB affiliated organizations and that I would seek out a local mentor. Lets see if I get a call back.

    I still have faith that Robert Kiyosaki’s books have value and following the advice in them about good debt vs bad debt and understanding assets vs liabilities and getting out of the rat race.

    For those of you asking whether Robert Kiyosaki is associated with Rich Dad Coaching, it appears to me that he has licensed his name to a coaching product sold by PEI, which handles Carleton Sheets, Stephen Covey, Rich Dad and other programs. they are a business in Salt Lake City Utah and appear to be a legitimate business that has programs, gives to the community, has employees etc. With a B rating they’re probably not a total scam. I may revisit this another day, but for now, I’ll take control of my own journey.

  4. Just had my primary interview and indeed it seemed too “High Pressure”.
    In my opinion, a mentor is someone willing to take the time to help you succeed. Is willing to answer your questions and not try to pressure you into something.
    So my question to everyone on this board:

    What is the best was to find a LOCAL mentor?
    I would gladly split profits in THEIR favor if they helped me learn.

  5. Hi All,

    I was also approached by a “sales rep” from rich dad and was quoted something like 5000++ USD. I decided not to join the program as he asked me to pay upfront and give me the reasons of IP protection, etc. that they need to get the fees first! It was a total rubbish!

    I recommend not to join the program unless you are really sure it is what you want!

  6. I always love seeing people that like to BASH individuals because of the success they have created for themselfs…Lets see everyone that is interested in this program, are there to MAKE MONEY!!! However it is apparent that some people have a problem with Robert Kiyosaki having the same financial goals. I find it so funny and ironic how SOOO many people can be swayed by the sensless bathroom wall writings that are posted on the internet.

    The truth is is that I have known several people that have gone through different RD coaching programs. Every single one of them that didn’t QUIT and stuck to the plan have all achieved success and their goals…the ones that did QUIT. end up here on websites like this.

    I am personally going through the program now and it is the absolute best investment I have ever made in my life!!! Have been in the real estate program for 6 months, have been able to buy 6 rental properties that is now bringing me in a positive cash flow of $3600 a month with 20 more properties in escrow…there is NO WAY I would be having the success I am with out the RD coaching program.

    I find it sad that people make the habit of quiting and taking advice from complete strangers in order to determine what their success will be…YOU will never make it in this realm. We all know that Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, Donald Trump…ect they all first go to see what the QUITERS have to say about a investment before they can make a decision…

    WHAT A JOKE YOU ALL ARE…HAHAHA….thats ok though you can sit back and keep whining about things while I take ALL the money you would of had a chance at…I REALLY hope you all continue to feel sorry for yourselfs because its making me ONE HELL OF A RICH PERSON….ASTA

  7. Rich Dad Coaching is a total rip-off. You will NEVER get a single penny back as a refund if you don’t cancel within the first three days, and they’ll lead you on for a week or more first before they tell you that. The entrepreneur coaches are NOT entrepreneurs themselves, despite what I was led to believe during the sales call. Let me tell you about my horrible experience with Rich Dad Coaching in more detail.

    I talked with my assigned enterpreneur coach for the first time after being made to wait a month before that session, and at that point it was clear that the entrepreneurial coaching services were not what was described and that the coaching program was not going to be able to help me work through my specific issues related to building my online business. It was all about going through the modules, which is stuff found in any of the Rich Dad books, and not about working through actual business problems.

    In the sales call, I was led to believe that my coach had actual experience building a business, but after the first coaching session when I asked him about it, he said, and I quote directly from his e-mail, “What makes you think that you need someone that has done your exact business to coach you through the steps you need to take to become successful? Success is a process, a mind shift if you will. It is not business specific. It isn’t education specific. It is a process of changing from where you are now to where you need to be.” I agree that a mind shift can be a part of success, but that’s not what I told them I needed or they said I would receive when I signed up for coaching.

    Being within 1 business day after my first coaching session, I called to cancel my program and requested a refund of all charges made by Rich Dad Coaching (a total of 3/4 of the total in the first 31 days, or an outrageous $4,350 with less than one month into the program).

    I received the written materials (basically, just two books) via regular mail about 10 after signing up and about three weeks before my first scheduled coaching session.

    The cancellation policy was not clear in the written materials that they sent me and was totally buried in the middle of the web agreement that I had to agree to. I called within 10 days of when I received the materials, but then was told it was only three days after receipt of materials. The coaching program is one year long, and I had had the materials in my possession less than three weeks at that point, and the coaching is the main program, not the materials that they sent.

    After putting me off and ignoring me for a week, Chad Coles, a “quality manager” at Rich Dad Coaching, finally got back to me to try to convince me that their services were exactly as described. After deflecting my questions about a refund, he finally admitted that they were going to give me NONE of my money back, even less than a month into a supposed one-year program.

    Unless you need some serious hand-holding and you want to review all the materials published in the Rich Dad books, don’t even think about wasting your money on their coaching program. Their entrepreneurial coaches haven’t even started their own businesses.

    I did ask them on the inital sales call why, if the coaches knew how to build a business and become financially independent, were they working as coaches for Rich Dad? The sales rep, Chris Totterer, fed me some crap about how they do it because they want to give something back or just for fun part-time. I’m such an idiot! Please learn from my mistakes and don’t repeat them.

  8. I just googled this site to see what what was going on for Rich Dad Coaching. I used to work for PEI and the Rich Dad group. I had been involved in enrolling people into coaching programs since 1992 long before Rich Dad started. I got out in 2000 to start building my own real estate investments and take what I had learned and put it into use. And yes, I did the coaching also.

    Read the negative comments on here and you will find the same story appearing over and over again. Almost every one of these complaints have the same thing in common. These people either did not really start or refused to accept accountibility and responsibility for their actions. The statements about not getting their money back are either lies or just plain lazy stupid people. Before a person completes the enrollment process they are told 3 times the conditions of the agreement. THEN THEY ARE SENT A COPY OF IT, AND ITS NOT COMPLEX, (as you can see from the people that cancel).

    Do people have to qualify for the program? Absolutly. Imagine as a sales person that you are willing to spend 60 to 90 minutes talking to someone who is not qaulified or who you know will not follow through. All of the time knowing that if they cancel you just wasted your time with them that could have been spent with someone that really wanted to change their lives. Then find 3 days later that they decided to cancel. (usually because they are afraid of success or failure).

    Also, the interview by a program director is not a coaching session, and these people make sure you understand that before they start. Their job is to find out if you are really ready to make the changes you want to in your life and enroll you into making those changes.

    Some of you ask why would they do it? A better question is why would they continue to do it. Most of the potential clients they talk to dont make it. The sales process is emotionally taxing. It is not uncommon for these sales people to go home at night completly exhausted but feeling fulfilled because they made a difference.(And it could easily be that they only made a difference for one person that day or that week.)

    Lets not forget the coaches. I have worked for years with some of the success clients they have created, in larger real estate deals I was involved in. I know several of the coaches. If you have not been involved in a work that uplifts others and helps them change you will never get why they are there. (Most of them dont have to do what they do, they are already very successful).

    Dont do this or any other coaching because of someone elses good or bad comments. They dont matter, you do. If you dont do a coaching program, the fact is that you will probably never achieve your goals. Why? Just look back on your life and ask yourself how many times have I thought about doing something and years later I am still in the same place.

    When I was involved in enrolling people into coaching programs, over 99% of the people I talked to had never started doing what they wanted to do. I am convinced that most people spend their lives entertaining themselves with the thought of success instead of doing something about it.

    The other thing I remember about those 99% was they always had an excuse for why they had not started. And they had an excuse for why they could not start now. And thats ok because that is part of what they get to change about themselves in the program if they get started. If you are going to become successful, it will only happen when the reason you want your goals becomes more important than the excuses you use to stay where you are.

    I have had several years experience working with very successful people in the business and investment world. Every one of them learned the principles I mentioned above.

    Why do the sales people want you to make a decision when they talk to you? Read the last several paragraphs and understand that they know that even though you may want the results you will talk yourself out of it or let one of the lazy people that are making comments here or in your life talk you out of it. (That makes the people that make neg comments on here justify their decision to not change more acceptable and you just joined their army).

  9. Yesterday, I was “interviewed” by a representative of the Rich Dad Coaching organization. It was a very persuasive hard sell, using many of the psychological techniques we are all familiar with, and I enrolled in the coaching program. The sales rep encouraged me to put the $5800 tuition on my credit card, so that “I would be using other people’s money”. I felt uncomfortable during the interview process, but enrolled because the sales rep was very persuasive, and I am favorably impressed with Robert Kiyosaki’s books.

    During our several calls, I had occasion to call the sales rep back by calling the last number he called from, and the phone was answered “Professional Education Institute”, not “Rich Dad Coaching”. This was a bad sign.

    Today, after reading these blog posts, I cancelled my enrollment, by FedExing a letter of cancellation, with return receipt signature required. My cancellation letter will reach them Monday morning, and their signature on the return receipt will be proof they received it, so they cannot claim I did not send them my cancellation notice within the legally required 3 day time limit. I also had paid my first tuition payment by mailing them a credit card convenience check, so I called the credit card bank and told them to stop payment on the check, just in case Rich Dad ignored my cancellation letter. Overall, I am out about $67 for the FedEx and stop payment charges, but I am chalking this up to lesson learned.

    I am going to start a business in the next couple months, and after thinking about the possible benefits of the coaching program, and reading about others’ experiences on this blog, I think I can make better use of my $5800 than paying for the telephone coaching. Working capital for a startup is always in short supply.

    I would have felt much more positive about the coaching program if the payments were stretched out over the 12 months of the program, if I could cancel after an initial trial period (less some reasonable fee, say a few hundred dollars), if I had been able to interview my actual coach and change coaches if we were incompatible, and if the Coaching Program had a financial stake in my subsequent financial success. As it is currently structured, the student pays all the money up front, and there is no upside for the coach if his student is successful, so the incentive for the coach is simply to take the student’s money and then become unresponsive after a couple months.

    I have learned that if anyone urges you to take action without thoroughly thinking through something, they are probably trying to scam you. Saying you should avoid “paralysis by analysis” in the context of committing to pay someone thousands of dollars is really urging you to not think. Why not let the potential student think through his purchase for at least a couple days? If you were going to put $5800 into an investment, you would certainly want to do your due diligence, which means spending a few days at least gathering info about the investment and thinking things through. This is not “paralysis by analysis”, but simply avoiding rushing in and making a possibly bad investment. I am sure Robert Kiyosaki himself would urge doing due diligence on any potential investments! So, the pressure to sign up quickly was another red flag.

    I do think that Robert Kiyosaki’s books and videos and cash flow games are very good and worth buying and using. But the coaching program, as currently structured, is probably not worth enrolling in.

  10. I admit I love Kiyosaki’s books!!!.. The approach is very practical and captivating.. All you post here(especially from John t Reed’s Website) have enlightened me on the darker side of RD scheme. Thank you all. It’s always great to keep an open mind…

  11. I havent used his service but i am sure that it is awesome training. I am sure its not cheap. I am a big fan of The rich dad stuff and yes there was a “rich dad”. I dont know his name but he was the one that started the 7 eleven stores.

  12. Guys there is no free lunch out there!

    Honestly i’m going to have disagree with 90% of the posts here… people who have discredited RDC due to feeling ripped off are only saying this because they have not experienced the coaching program.

    i am just a regular guy living in Jordan and i usually get discouraged easily and i usually don’t start my business dreams… so i needed something to kick start things for me, i need someone there to tell me i’m doing the right thing and answer tough technical questions… and 3 months into it i can honestly say i have the confidence to start any business no matter the industry… this is priceless.

    Furthermore my coach is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, honest and understands the situation and always responds to my emails. The director Travis at the beginning was asking questions to see whether or not i would fit this program, yes it’s a sell but that’s what life is all about you need to sell to make it, when you start your own business you need to sell – that’s the bottom-line… i paid approx $6000 for the program that lasts for 12 months and hands on training for 4 of those months and their guarantee is they will not leave until you finalize your business plan, even if it takes you longer than a year! I’m sorry that’s commitment! Do you know how much training costs for a 2 day program costs here? $2000 with absolutely no way of properly retaining the information…!

    Was I scared to start yes i was, am i rich already, no I’m not, that’s because i’m still working on the business plan – my knowledge of business and financials has increased tremendously, but this is what life and business is all about taking a risk on something that you aren’t quite sure of and that’s why some are successful and others are not – and that’s why I am proud of myself for taking the step in improving my life…

    Furthermore their resource center is just absolutely fantastic, the amount of things you can read about and this is something you can save a use again and teach others… so it’s worth it and i really feel sorry for the ones who didn’t take the chance on this. RDC is only a waste if you don’t use the skills you learnt, they won’t give you insider information that’s top secret that’s not how it works… they give you the map and you need to follow it and trust it based on whatever your dream is! Let me give you a little example situation – When you take driving lessons do you ask to see your instructor before? No! And after you get the lessons don’t you use the basic principles of driving? You better or else you’ll be getting into a lot of accidents and getting a lot of violation tickets… that’s basically what this is all about… you need to put your paranoia in check and learn to trust if you need it great! But as far as I’m concerned I want to make at least a million investing $6000 to make a million sounds pretty good to me, it’s just up to me how much I want to make! Life is short it really is, stop procrastinating and get your life in gear, whether it’s with RDC or not get your life in gear – do whatever works for you and stop wasting time complaining do something about it.

    Mark 100 I fail to see what you really learnt out of this except knowing that you didn’t take the risk and moreover learnt how much it costs to fedex something – I’m sure they’ll give you your money back – they’re not worried about quantity of students but rather quality.

    My name is Ramzi I have been in this program for 3 months now with another month to go with my coach and I’m happy so far! If you have any questions at all please email me at

  13. We have been through the Rich Dad real estate coaching and it was GREAT! Very informative, good structure, process and accountability but it required a level of commitment and time on our part. End result – rental property with positive cashflow and a plan to continue forward over the next months and years. It’s all comes down to what you are will to put into – some can do it on their own and if so – go for it – if not – don’t knock it until you tried it and seen it through.

  14. I am from poland and i gave rich dad coaching my phone number as a joke to get know how this scam works. They called me twice, interviewed my financial situation, goals and proposed a tuition of 2499 dollars for unlimitted time of coaching (until I succeed). I laughed that it’s an otrageous price so they went down into 899$ a year with written warranty from R.K. and proposed to put it into my credit card as a good debt. When I said it exceed my credit limit on the card. He arranged the third call for a next day and made me to call to the bank to expand my limit a card. Next day I said him that it’s no way to increase a limit at my card so what PEI did???? They went down into 99$ a month. OMG LOL!!!!! I gave him fake adress and details of my old and inactive CC which was declined so they prposed me to go to the bank for a new a card and proposed the coaching for only 1$ in first month and 99$ monthly later. OMG LOL They are really greedy :]

  15. I attended their 3 day training, it was pretty good.But the coaching did not seemed to good,as their cost varies from $1000 to $5000 based on the
    candidate.It was 12 days tele-coaching with the coach.I bought it for $5k but then canceled it as it did not seems helpful to me.
    1) they mentioned lots of tools they have but no tool for stock analysis.
    2) they were asking to buy other products after paying this much fees.

    Also i believe if i pay $5k i want face to face traning with the coach.Not just on phone And their study material is quite basic. you find related stuff on investopedia or
    and after 12 weeks(1 day each week), they mentioned it is self-coaching.means finding your way on your own.Then what i am doing right now.
    I wish if they can improve their standard. especially customer care, as they are very rude while talking about money.

  16. I had my “interview” yesterday. The experience was unpleasant enough to do some googling which led me here, and then to John T. Reed’s site.

    All you need to “qualify” is an ability to immediately part with cash, as far as I can tell.

    In my case, I was asked about “lines of credit”, but they were only interested in my credit card and its limit. I told them the limit was £4500 (UK credit card) and he quoted me £4816 for the course, saying that I only needed to pay 50% now, and that RK recommended using Other People’s Money to finance the course. As with all large purchases, it is worth haggling over the price, and telling them your credit card limit seems to be how they set the price.

    I nearly bought, but I had a gut feeling that something was wrong. I said I had a concern – that I was living in Spain and this was a US company who may not have enough relevant experience to coach me – which is a perfectly valid point, but which was never addressed. I was told that they had had been coaching people in places like Malaysia, and that they had had great success with people “in my area”. This was just too vague for me and I repeated that this was a concern.

    At this point he became rude and almost abusive. He told me that I was not willing to admit that I was “scared”, and that that was what was holding me back. He tried to use the answers I had given him against me, as well as tactics that others have already described. I suppose he could see that he had already lost the sale, so he told me that I was “uncoachable” and, in an angry tone that we would “have to part as friends”, that I would probably be back in a few months when the cost had gone up and then hung up on me!

    So, I will be taking my money to a local financial advisor and getting some professional advice. I will continue to search for a mentor, and reading books to learn about investing.

    Of course I have no idea what the coaching would have been like. All I can say is the sales tactics stink, and that has not only put me off buying the coaching, but Robert Kiyosaki as a brand. A minority of posts have indicated that the coaching has been a good experience – if that is true, then this way of selling is repelling a lot of your best students.

  17. I bought the coaching program and yes they have a hard selling technique which basically puts you in a position to answer immediately a yes or no,,,or we part friends.. I recieved the material 10 days after and a coach called me. She was always lost not knowing our case and sometimes mentioning the wrong names of other customers. Only half an hour a week and she never answered accurently the answers we asked her. I was very dissapointed with there way of coaching and called them to cancel,,a guy called Chad spoke to me being very unflexible and basically denying my request to cancel. I decided to cancel, sent the materials back with UPS and called my credit card. They did not contest the creidit card 45 days after, according to law and on April 23 they sent me a letter of payment request,, if I don’t pay they’ll send me to collection. I will call a lawyer to represent me. Kiyosakis books a great but this coaching program does not meet expectations just research well before and make you’re decision wisely.

  18. Hi all, my husband has read the rdpd books & has currently been offered a course as many of you had. I’m so concerned by the immediate payment I’ve told him that we will not be proceeding.
    He is still very interested in the stock market, can anyone recommend a course he can undertake?

  19. Hi, I should have read this post earlier. Yesterday I was called by “the program manager” of rich dad’s coaching for what he called an interview. By the rate he was going I didnt have a good feeling about it, but he kept pushing me telling me I was weak in decision making etc etc and probably not coachable.
    The next thing I asked myself was that if I am not coachable, how come he is spending 2 hours on an international call in order to convince me to pay 10000 $ for a coachingprogram! Doesn’t rich dad say that time is more important than money?

    Also this guy, James T**** was very agressive and when I end up cancelling the program he told me in a very agressive way “YOU’RE A FAILURE, YOU WILL NEVER BE SUCCESFULL AND MARK MY WORDS YOU WILL NEVER BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT”. I was so shaken up by his choice of words and his high tone. When I asked why he was raising his voice…he became even more agressive and said “BECAUSE YOU ARE RAISING YOUR VOICE!!!”.lol…which I was not at all.

    The other thing that bothers me is that somewhere in the middle he adjusted my program to a $4900 fee. He just ‘forgot’to mention the package deal. When I asked about it he was very vague telling me I would be getting material send home. I then asked him what this material included and he started shouting AGAIN telling me “HOW DOES IT MATTER?! YOUR WASTING MY TIME! THIS IS RK WE’RE TALKING ABOUT”. Well I dont mind if it’s RK or the president of my country..WHEN I AM PAYING FOR IT I NEED TO KNOW WHAT EXACTLY I AM PAYING FOR!!!!!

    The other main thing people forget to think about is how can someone who doesn’t know coach you. Coaching is all about finding out who the person is and uplifting them to another level with a program made espescially for them. What’s happening here is bulk sales…this can never be coaching. Also how can the coach get a “feel”for you when he/she is abroad. People search for a local coach!

    Somewhere in the middle I agreed to de $4900 program and gave them my creditcard details. The money was charged but I immediately cancelled after that so they told me the money is frozen on my card and it will take 5 business days to get it back on. Does anyone have any experience with this proces?

    He did however send me a short movie of RK welcoming me to the coaching program, but as I was looking at this movie I was thinking how shallow it was. mere advertising,marketing, sales and BRANDING!.

    I ended up asking James, why he wasn’t financially free. he kept repeating how rich his dad was and how rich he was and that he did it to help people like me. Well judging from his SICK ATTITUDE…i think he is the one who needs help!

    This is a big scam!!! Don’t ever fall for it. It’s a pitty Robert Kiyosaki is linking his name to it in order to expand his “system” of “passive income”. He should be knowing what he is “investing” into, because now he is simply indirectly cheating people and what goes around will certainly come around!

  20. Wow i just purchased the coaching program and even I was convinced after reading all of these testimonials.

    I see that everyone is charged a different price according to “what they can afford.”

    Now I am a VERY motivated and dedicated person and I realized that this could have been a good opportunity to learn more about investing…BUT NOT FOR $3,899! If you break down the 30 minutes/week with your personal coach it only amounts to 12 hours for the whole coaching!

    To me, $4,000 is definitely not worth 12 hours of time. This equates to $324.92/hr! The salesmen said that RK doesn’t need the money, nor do the personal coaches…sure they don’t need the money, but the money is their source of PASSIVE income. Robert doesn’t have to go to the call centers himself and talk to the people who want help personally, he created the passive income system and has removed himself from the equation. The salesmen also didn’t let me know about capped time with “my” personal coach.

    Buy a Real Estate investing book, yes it is annoying to learn it all yourself but it’ll be more worth it I’m sure. If you look for a mentor, one will come eventually, but don’t wait for one before you actually start investing, just go out and invest today!

  21. some one said above:
    “I really liked Rich Dad/Poor Dad because it made me think about liabilities, assets and expenses more than I ever had before. But beyond that, I’m beginning to wonder if it has any value.”

    ROFL… this says it all! I really liked the oyster, it gave me a pearl but beyond that I’m beginning to wonder if it has any value.

    Nope it doesn’t have value. If you don’t know how to use it and you cant find someone who will pay you a profit for it, no thing has value.

    And guys… why are so many people discussing the shell? who cares if it’s faulty. Robert Kiosaki is just packaging. Examine the pearl and if you don’t know enough about pearls get a second and third and forth opinion – on the pearl – not on the shell. And if you make a mistake or bad judgement – on the pearl – not the shell – you will know for next time – keep going.

    I thank those who posted useful stuff here. Much appreciated. I had thought the coaching was free and that they would then try to sell you stuff during the coaching. I thought i could do with a little refocusing at the moment and would ignore the sales stuff. But after the initial phone call, which had all the hallmarks of something that was not going to be free – I looked it up found this site and I wont be doing it.

    The hard and fast rules that you can use to make money and minimise financial damage are all in the first book. If you really got those rules then you just need a bit of encouragement from time to time and remember to ask a good range of people who know more than you. You can get this for free. I sometimes go to those free property seminars – Not to learn anything or buy anything – I would never dream of buying anything there but they are great for getting you “back in the mood”.

    A few years ago, after my marriage ended and I left my husband with just my personal items and about £200 –( i stayed in a sort of store room over a shop for a while) I read the first RDPD book and Russ Whitney’s rags to riches.

    cut a long story short – I now have 10 rental flats/apartment (which I made myself) and two rental houses.

    At age of 40 I converted two large houses into the 10 completely separate flats each with own utility supply and compliant with thermal and sound insulation. I knew nothing about the building industry but i found a bunch of people who knew more than i did about the actual work and i double, triple checked the sums and vital decisions.

    The first set of five flats we actually did in exactly two months because there was a mistake with the loan i was supposed to get and i opened trade accounts with 60days to pay and i calculated and project managed pationately for 60days and we had 5flats – turn-key.

    I kept my eye firmly on net profit and making sure I had enough margin to soak up “the worst that can happen.”

    I made sure I understood ALL my costs and expenses. Hidden costs and unseen costs are killers. I check this over and over and ask at least 10 people smarter and more experienced than me.

    However, I then got complacent and the novelty of watching the financial weather forecast wore off and I felt very stupid indeed when this crises hit. My portfolio is still income producing and not in negative equity but there are other moves I could have made that would have really made me loads of money if I hadn’t stopped paying attention.

    But like it says in the first book, we will make mistakes – smarter people have made bigger ones. Just learn from it and move forward.

    Don’t judge yourself or others too harshly when they screw up even if it seems like a stupid mistake. We all make stupid mistakes whether we like to admit to ourselves or not.

    It is not nice to buy something you don’t need and loose a lot of money doing it but it does NOT mean you are stupid or gullible. If you keep doing it over and over then maybe…

    I never say yes to anything in under 24 to 48 hours. I always first work out what’s in it for THEM. Then I take an honest look at myself and ask will I ever use it – this is where most people get caught – they should have answered “no” but they answer based on their INTENTIONS.

    Once you have the keys to how money works – everything you need to know is in the first book if you read it and fully absorb the key points.
    You don’t NEED to pay for any more information on how to be successful. Look for free encouragement and information.

    You only need an expensive accountant and solicitor when you have a decent amount to loose 🙂

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