Holy Cow! I Won the Lottery!

I just received this email. Do you think it is for real? I couldn’t help but start dreaming about If Money Were No Object. Oh well, let’s just say I’m slightly skeptical:

East-West Australia Lotteries,
1022 Kingsway Ave., Osborne,
Western Australia, 6018.
Head office: Maliebaan 38-40, 3581CR,
Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Dear Sir/Madam,

YOU WON: ?1,000,000.00!euros
With outmost joy, we are pleased to inform you of the result of the East-West Australia Lotteries International programs held on the 3rd of May 2006 drew cash Prize of ?1,000,000.00. Your e-mail address attached to Code number 370011672387-290-02 with claim Number 12093782/42 drew these lucky numbers 894-4563-001-764-64-2911, which consequently won in the 2nd category. You have been approved to receive a cash prize of ?1,000,000.00 (One Million Euros).
Be advised that due to incessant mix up in cash prize transfer to previous winners, we advise that you Keep your winning information confidential until your claims is been processed and your funds (?1,000,000.00) Transferred to you. This security measure is important; its protocol meant to avoid double claims, transfer and unwarranted abuse of this program by other participants.
Participants were selected anonymously through a private ballot system (computer ballot) from over 35,000 Companies and 70,000 individual e-mail addresses all over the world. At the final draw your e-mail address Emerged as the winner of our last jackpot.This is promotional program takes place bi-annually, and it is promoted and sponsored Orient software Corporation (Orient Networks). It is met to reward some individuals and corporations who have devote Their time and resources surfing the world wide web (www) with their email addresses. Remember, all winning must be claimed not later than
5 working days from today. After the expiration of that time frame, if your funds are unclaimed, it will be refunded to us and included in our next draws.We hope you will use part of your cash prize to participate in our next ?18million draws in November 2006. Lastly, in order to avoid unnecessary delays/complications with the transfer of your funds to you, please Always remember to quote your Code number in all correspondence with our paying bank (Deutsche Bank-Amsterdam). Furthermore, should there be any change of your present address, please notify us Immediately so to make the appropriate adjustment.

Congratulations from the management and staffs of East-West Australia Lotteries.

Kindly, immediately, contact our Paying Bank (Deutsche Bank-Amsterdam) for your payment advice.
Send them following e-mail:
I?????(your names)??.., with e-mail address???..(your e-mail address)?.., contact address???..(postal address)??.and code number:???.(quote your code number)??.is the winner of the last East-West Astralia lotteries draws, with a cash prize of ?1,000,000.00. Kindly advise me with details of the process of the transfer of my cash prize.

Contact details of our Paying Bank:
Contact person: Mr. Powell Green.
Department of Private Banking,
Deutsche Bank, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
E-mail: srvcscust@netscape.net
Tel: 31 647-494-395
Fax 31-84-752-0508
Yours in services,
Felicia Lanza.(Lottery Coordinator)
Note: Participants below 21 years are automatically disqualified.
All e-mail transmission/correspondence are 100% protected by our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server.

11 thoughts on “Holy Cow! I Won the Lottery!”

  1. It’s for real … a real stupid phishing hook, that is. I mean, come one, at least put some graphics to make it look official. And maybe throw in some big name like eBay or Amazon in the mix.

  2. I get at least a dozen of these a day – fortunately, Yahoo’s email filters are pretty good about routing them straight to the “bulk” trash bin. One day, I won prizes in six different currencies: dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, euros, Indian rupees, and Indonesian rupiah…

  3. I have received similar e-mails as well. I am amazed at how many of these scams are flung about in cyberspace. They would not exist and be so wide spread if many people were not taking part. I wonder how many people actually get taken by these scams on a daily basis?

  4. I just got the same email – But Wait ! There’s more. I also received notice that a company in China wants me to represent them in the USA. for 10% of the take. It was a dream come true, but I’m kinda busy right now, so I sent the two individuals the others great offer. Maybe they can get together and do great things with each other.

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