Good Information for Those With Student Loans

May 31, 2006

U. S. News and World Report has a series of articles for those who have student loans. According to their article, you have until June 30 to consolidate your student loans and lock in current rates. Some people may not want to consolidate. Whatever you decide, be sure and make your decision before June 30th!

6 responses to Good Information for Those With Student Loans

  1. That sounds like a good deal to me have a few I wouldn’t mind consolidating myself. Thanks for the info.

  2. Doesn’t June only have 30 days?

  3. I presume you mean June 30th.

  4. DANG! It was late when I posted this. That’s the only excuse I have.

  5. Sorry to say Vlad, but many of us when we see a source as “Fox News” tend to think, ok so that means whatever they are saying I should thing the oppisite. Kidding, I know that happened. But normally I would say ….scare tactic or …hiddent agenda