The Great Ozarka Water Ripoff! (another rant)

What do you do when you can’t stand the taste of your city’s water? I have tried a couple of filters but they still left the chlorine smell in my water. I hate bringing a glass of water up to my mouth and smelling chlorine. I haven’t even looked into going the delivery route. So, for the last several years I have been buying clear plastic gallon jugs of Ozarka Spring Water. Everything was fine and good until I noticed Kroger had a discontinued sign up in the slot where the water is kept. I figured it was a grocery store thing so the next time I went to Wal Mart I noticed that they were totally out too. I wasn’t happy!

Well, I went back to Kroger yesterday and noticed that they had Ozarka Spring Water back on the shelf but something was different. It is now in 3 liter jugs instead of 1 gallon jugs. Oh sure, they have a nice message on the side of the bottle saying how “refridgerator friendly” the new bottle is. I think that’s a load of crap! The old bottle fit just fine in my refridgerator. We all know that they changed the size of the jug to make more money. The 3 liter bottle, which is 21% SMALLER than the gallon bottle, is the same price as the gallon bottle was. That’s a HUGE price increase. Had they left the gallon jug alone and simply raised their price 21%, the price of the gallon jug would have gone from $1.29 to $1.56!

I might have to get used to drinking chlorine-flavored water! Or, on the other hand, let’s put the power of blogging to work. Here is Ozarka’s toll-free Customer Service Number:


Do me a favor and call them and complain! I know you don’t have anything better to do!

5 thoughts on “The Great Ozarka Water Ripoff! (another rant)”

  1. You noticed they had . . . what?

    I use a GE inline filter for the water to my fridge, and it does a great job of eliminating the chlorine smell and taste. But, that is Salt Lake City water – your mileage may vary.

  2. Sam,

    Oops. Funny how leaving one half of quotation marks off of some code can cause a malfunction like that. I didn’t even notice that the post wasn’t posting fully.

    Thanks for the catch.

  3. You need to get a filter that uses activated charcoal. That will remove the taste and odors you’re not liking. We have a GE inline filter in our fridge and another on our sink (don’t recall the brand but it uses a foot-long tube of charcoal.) The water here in Detroit is so-so to begin with but the filters definately help.

  4. JLP,

    If you really have a thing for pure water, install a below the sink filter. I bought a really nice setup from a guy on ebay for about $100. It is a six stage filter with reverse osmosis and deionization. It also comes with a 4 gallon pressure tank. Nothing put pure water coming out of that. I paid a little over $100. The guy builds them custom. If you bought a similar one from GE, you would pay over $300. If you don’t mind an hour or so of work, you can install it yourself easily.

  5. Packaging is the only reason water costs money in the first place. I think the new bottle is great; I feel less white trash when drinking directly from it, which might be the whole idea. See, I’m from Texas, just like Ozarka, and I think they’ve created a masterpiece.

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