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Carnival Monday

May 29, 2006

You know, with all the Monday carnivals dealing with money, maybe we should rename Monday “MONEY”!

Okay, maybe not. Anyway, here are some of the carnvials that are out today: Continue Reading…

Happy Memorial Day!

May 29, 2006

Growing up, my family ALWAYS used Memorial Day as a day to go decorate the graves of our family. We used to pack a picnic lunch and squeeze all five of us and my Nana into our 1978 Buick Riviera and drive a couple of hours to this small town and decorate my mom’s family’s graves. In some ways I hated it because it was always right after the school year ended and I wanted to spend my time doing other things. However, as I got older, I felt like it was my duty to remember and respect those who were gone.

Anyway, today is a great day to thank a veteran! Without them, we wouldn’t be the United States of America.

Tax History Calculator

May 29, 2006

I have been going through some of my spreadsheets and looking for interesting things to turn into calculators. I found Continue Reading…

Albert Crenshaw offers up some pretty good advice in his final Washington Post column before he retires. I pretty much agree Continue Reading…

This week’s Blog of the Week is GetRichSlowly. Although this blog is relatively new, it gets a lot of traffic. I just found this blog this week when I noticed that the author linked to one of my posts.

Anyway, it is a nicely-written blog with cool posts like this one, which is a list of useful spreadsheets and this one, which offers tips for selling on eBay. I thought it was funny that the book he mentions selling, The Hidden Game of Baseball, is the same book I picked up at my local library (in perfect condition) for $1.00! He sold his for $71.

Oh, and here’s a link so that you can subscribe to his feed.

If you are familiar with personal finance, you have probably heard the term “present value” mentioned a time or two. Have you ever wondered what it means? The best way to define present value is with an example. Continue Reading…

I’m guessing that the US Postal Service just had to have a tracking feature so that they could try to be like UPS or FedEx. Well they AIN’T! Continue Reading…