Weekly Roundup

It is amazing how fast the weeks go by. I didn’t do a roundup last week because I took my family to the beach. It is hard to believe that was already a week ago. Anyway, it’s Friday again and time for another dose of the weekly roundup. Enjoy!

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How to sell your car when you’re upside down.

Save gas with a tune-up.

Nine money rules to live by.

Keeping your Prosper.com money working.

Are you sure you are ready to buy a house?

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Blogging for dollars.

Start Saving for Retirement at 16!

I know, I know. Saving for retirement most likely is not on the minds of most 16-year olds. However, this could idea could be funded by a parent or grandparent as long as the teen has earned income that is at least as much as the contribution.

In its simplest form, growing money has three main ingredients: Continue reading Start Saving for Retirement at 16!

Smart Coming to the US in 2007!

For those who care about saving money on gas and helping the environment at the same time, you will be interested to know that Smart is coming to the US in 2007. Here’s what the tiny two-seater looks like:


It is EXTREMELY small but would be great for a single person who just needs something to zip around town in. I wouldn’t really have a use for one since my wife and I have three kids, but I could see how some people would really want one.

This came via Jalopnik. Also, for more information, check out this section.

JLP’s QotD: How Much Do You Spend on Auto Maintenance?

I just got back from having new tires put on our 2002 Buick Rendezvous. I hate spending money on stuff like this but auto maintenance is a fact of life. I’m just happy that we don’t have to charge these expenses. Anyway, this reminded of a great Question of the Day: Continue reading JLP’s QotD: How Much Do You Spend on Auto Maintenance?