Carnival of Investing – No. 27

AllFinancialMatters is proud to host the 27th edition of the Carnival of Investing. Next week’s carnival will be hosted by My Personal Finance Blog. There’s quite a few submissions this week, so let’s get started. Here’s this week’s entries in the order they were received:

1 How to Lower Your Investment Returns: Use a Broker.

2 Triple Witching, 16 June 2006: What Does the Historic Data Say?

3 Regulatory Arbitrage Meet the Historical Inevitability

4 Fifteen Ways to Leave Your…Money

5 Special Situations Real Money Port on Fire

6 Japanese Interest Rates

7 Real Estate – Safe, Secure, Steady Money

8 The Super Bowl indicator: An AFC victory is bearish, and an NFC victory is bullish. Does it work?

9 Risk and Diversification

10 Free Cash Flow at Xerox

11 Homesteading and Declaration of Homestead

12 Unconventional Strategies In This Housing Market

13 Bring on the Bear!

14 Two New ETFs To Match Your Interests

15 Death Tax Debate

16 John Burley’s 7 Levels of Investor

17 Why Are Brokers So Hard To Understand?

18 The Week Ahead: Your Financial Road Map for June 19-23, 2006

19 Regulatory Arbitrage Meet the Historical Inevitability

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