Interesting Study About Blogging

Here’s an interesting study I found via Steve Rubel’s MicroPersuasion. The study was writtten by Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D., Chancellor Professor of Marketing and Director at the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She surveyed 74 of the “top” bloggers, which are the same people we hear about over and over again. Regardless, it is an interesting study and one that you should probably read if you are a blogger.

Some of the most interesting tidbits of information came on page 56 of the study in the section on blog promotion:

“Be brilliant, pick a fight, make comments on other blogs”

“Conduct blogger relations”

“For this blog, constant reinforcement within the membership. Mentioning it every chance we get, in every email we send out and at every meeting we have.”

“In addition to my mainstay of in-Context comments on other blogs, trackback posting and emailing blog posts to people who might find your post interesting, I also promote this blog through Virtual Assistant professional organizations.”

“In context comments on other blogs, trackback posting and emailing blog posts to people who might find your post interesting.”

“Posting frequency, pictures, and links”

“Provide useful information, post regularly, be honest, be user-oriented”

“Writing many quality posts”

And finally, the one I thought was kind of funny:

“Having our associates post comments to other blogs and linking those posts to ours.”

In other words, “we have our associates SPAM other blogs.” At least that’s what it sounds like to me.

UPDATE: The 74 “Top” Bloggers are (sorry, no hyperlinks):

1. Adrants
2. Ageless Marketing
3. Alacrablog
4. Alan Weinkantz
5. Aldo Coffee Co.
6. AListReview
7. Being Reasonable
8. Blog Business Summit
9. Blogads weblog
10. Blogsurvey
11. Brains on Fire Blog
12. Buyout Blog
13. Buzznovation
14. Capulet’s Blog
15. Cheskin Perspectives
16. Colin’s Corner
17. CREEations
18. Cudgeland
19. Customer Experience Crossroads
20. DimDump (for Digital Image Management Dump)
21. Don Loper
22. DoRealTime
23. eBeautyDaily
24. EDS’ Next Big Thing
25. EmersonProcessXperts
26. Ephemera
27. eWomenGreaterSeattle
28. Feld Thoughts
29. Firms of Endearment
30. FTP Planet
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research 20
31. Gilbane Group Analyst Blog
32. Guided by History
33. Indexed Forever
34. Ipswitch Blog
35. iUpload InSights
36. JeffMatthewsIsNotMakingThisUp
37. Joe Wikert’s Book Publisher and eContent Blog
38. Journal of a Cyberlawyer
39. KDPaine’s meaurement blog
40. Kinaxis on Response Managament (Internal Blog)
41. Kinaxis on Response Managament (External Blog)
42. Library Technology in Texas
43. Logos Bible Software Blog
44. Ma Pa and the Corporate Clueless
45. Mark Logic CEO Blog
46. MarketingMonger
47. Marqui’s World
48. Mercer on Value
49. Mohammed Admin Finance and Treasury Blog
50. Online News Squared
51. Online Resource Center for Email Marketers
52. Otter Group
53. Ovationblog
54. PatrickWeb
55. Peter de Haas’ Weblog
56. Presidents Update
57. Prospect Research Blog
58. Raycox
59. RewardLicious
60. Rexblog
61. Roger’s Blog
62. Scatterbox by Steven Silvers
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research 21
63. The Flack
64. The Ruckus Room
65. The Tinbasher
66. Tom Markiewicz
67. Tom Peters
68. Trends in the Living Networks
69. Va Journal
70. Versant Blog Center
71. Video360
73. VoIP & Gadgets Blog
74. YakimaWineBlog

4 thoughts on “Interesting Study About Blogging”

  1. Was there any indication who these 74 “top” bloggers were? Sounds like fairly basic findings. I wonder if the professor found out anything new that bloggers didn’t already know.

  2. Hmm, what can I say that will be in Context (with a capital C) and will cause readers of this comment to rush right over to my blog?

  3. Interesting study. I just sent the bookmark to myself at home so that I can read it in a more leisurely timeframe after work.

  4. though i am commenting very late but the fact is tht i got hold of this report 2 days ago :)am always late. indeed an interesting report and lots and lots of excellent tips…must read for new bloggers

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