Dang! Them There Tires Are Expensive!

Well, my Rendezvous is now over 4 years old and in need of new tires. I just priced some mid-range Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred for $115 each. According to the tire store’s website, the total price is going to be $550.61, which includes 4 tires, disposal fee (stupid), installation (I don’t like puttin’ on my own tires), and sales tax. It is expensive but what am I to do? I have to have tires.

How to Tell if a CEO is Lying

That is the topic of this week’s cover story in Barron’s. It is very interesting. I wish the story was available to the public free of charge but it’s not.

The article highlights a company by the name of Business Intelligence Advisors (BIA), “which employs a number of former CIA and other national-security operatives to do behavioral analyses of corporate executives.” Their goal is to detect when company executives are being less-than-truthful (in other words LYING!).

Here’s what they look for: Continue reading How to Tell if a CEO is Lying