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Here’s today’s Question of the Day:

How much do you spend each month on cable or satellite TV?

Although we have cable internet, we DO NOT have cable TV. That’s going to change in the next month or so as I am finally giving in. My decision has to do with the fact that Monday Night Football is moving to ESPN. I plan on going for the exanded basic package, which should cost $40 per month after taxes.

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  1. Our basic cable plus cable internet is $76 a month – I think they wanted something like $65 for the internet only so Boyfriend went for cable too.

  2. We pay $65 for Comcast Digital Plus (?). It’s got a lot of channels. Our internet is only $20 for DSL through the apartment complex.

  3. I pay about $58/month. It was a promotion deal that included extended basic, digital, all premium movie channels, and DVR. After the promotion is over, I will ask for another 6 months. If they say no, I may switch to Direct TV or just reduce it to extended basic for $47/month.

  4. basic cable is included in my rent. When I move, I’ll go back to being cable-free and get my HGTV fix when I visit my mom or sister!

  5. I pay $58/month for cable internet and limited basic cable (about 20 channels total – networks, local access, etc). I was going to cancel cable completely, but because they give you a $10-12 discount when you bundle internet and tv, and limited basic is about that same amount, I went with that. I think it would’ve cost about $.63 less without the cable because of the discount.

  6. We pay $139 a month for digital cable (two converter boxes that get us around 200 channels, including expanded sports (Speedvision, OLN, half a dozen regional and college sports channels), movie channels (Sundance, IFC, 7 Encore channels, but not HBO or Showtime) and Video on Demand in two rooms plus wireless internet connectivity for three users. It’s a lot, but both my huband and I work from home, so most of the Internet portion is a biz expense. As for the TV, that’s our prime entertainment so …

  7. If you call Comcast, find out if ‘limited basic’ is available in your area. It’s suppose to be just local channels, but in my experience the installers never program the little black box to block the basic cable channels. Limited runs about $12 a month.

  8. We have Direct TV Total Choice Plus which runs 48.99/mo. No Starz, HBO, etc. movie channels. Our viewing time is concentrated either on Disney and Nick channels or the home shows: HGTV, DIY, Fine Living, etc.

    Discovery/Science/History get their share of viewing time as well.

    No high-speed internet…can’t bring myself to spend the extra bucks…Yes, do tell me what I’m missing!

  9. Package deal of $80 for expanded basic, cable internet, and telephone (not long distance) from D&E Communications. We own the modem.

  10. About $60 for two room digital. I so rarely watch network TV that I couldn’t go without cable, and we watch the free “movies on demand”. Our cable provider is notoriously flakey with respect to internet so I don’t want to move my internet – even though it would probably save $20/month or so – as my wife and I both do lots of work from home and we can’t afford downtime.

  11. I pay about $95 bucks a month for Cable (which includes limited HD channels) and Internet. I have HBO too, but am in the process of getting rid of it since the Soprano’s are over for the year.

  12. We have DirectTV – $49 and DSL from Verison at $15. After we moved to our house we decided to ditch Comcast b/c they wanted $100 for cable & internet – DirectTV is the same price with more channels and DSL is 1/4 of the price.

  13. Too much. Approximately $57 / month. I don’t watch near the channels I have, and I am going to drop to a more basic package. I think it can be had for around $33 / month (which is probably still a bit much).

  14. We pay about $140 (taxes included) for cable and internet. The cable is the Digital Silver package, including one HD-DVR, and the internet is 6MB broadband (more expensive than the DSL we used to have, but it’s considerably faster based on the location of our home to the central office).

    I agree with Personal Finance on getting a cost reduction. I once called to scale back service and they gave me $30/month off for 3 months. It’s getting time to call again…

  15. Approximately $115/month. This includes Comcast Internet, DVR, HD tuner, and HBO. Never pay more than $30/month for internet from them, you can just call and say you’re switching to another provider.

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