11 Habits Required for the “Better Than Good” Life

I wrote yesterday about how I am currently reading Zig Ziglar’s Better Than Good. In chapter nine, he talks about eleven “Better Than Good” Habits, which are (along with my commentary):

1. The Habit of Staying Motivated

I don’t know about you but I struggle with this one. I can be truckin’ along just fine and then all the sudden I find myself unmotivated. One thing that can help us stay motivated is to write a personal mission statement and read it daily. More on this later.

2. The Habit of Listening

My wife needs help with this one! LOL! Actually my wife just told me that I need help with this one too.

3. The Habit of Learning

Things change so quickly that the habit of learning is very important. Think about computers and the internet. If a person didn’t learn how to use a computer and the internet, they would be left in the dark. Sure, the internet can be a huge time-waster. It can also be a great tool.

4. The Habit of Reading

I read a lot! It has definitely had a positive impact on my life. I need to get better at keeping a journal while I read so that I can keep track of the new ideas I come across while reading. I try to read personal finance-related, motivational, and Christian books. I don’t have time to read fiction.

5. The Habit of Redeeming the Time

This is about using your time wisely. I’m horrible at this! When I get back from vacation, I’m going to work out a schedule and I’m going to stick with it.

6. The Habit of Doing Your Best

This is a habit that most people don’t get. It seems too many people feel as though giving their best means that they are getting taken advantage of. However, by not doing your best, you are only selling yourself short. I remember from my days in the grocery business how important doing my best was. It allowed me to win the favor of my boss, which gave me special freedoms like taking time off when I needed to and working around my schedule if there was something I had to do. Most managers tend to accommodate people they respect. You gain that respect by doing your best.

7. The Habit of Health

Here’s another habit that I need to work on. We don’t eat too bad but we don’t get enough exercise. I’ll address this when I rework my schedule.

8. The Habit of Rest

For some reason, I’m a night owl. I go to bed later than I should. Once again, scheduling will solve this problem.

9. The Habit of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline seems to be old fashioned these days. It seems like people don’t like to control themselves or deny themselves anything. Just think about what the world would be like if we all practiced self-discipline. Credit card companies would be out of business.

10. The Habit of Going the Extra Mile

Do people still go the extra mile? If they do, I sure don’t see it very often. It’s also sad that when people do go the extra mile, nobody seems to notice.

11. The Habit of Pure Thoughts

This is a really important habit no matter what your religious beliefs! In other words, don’t dwell on the negative. I need help with this one too!

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