Vanguard is Dumping the “Vipers” Name

Allan Roth of Dare to be Dull sent me a link to an article about Vanguard possibly offering exchange-traded funds for bonds. Allan was quoted in the article, which I think is really cool. Anyway, Vanguard is either dropping or has already dropped the “Vipers” name for their ETFs. Now they are simply called Vanguard ETFs. According to the article, Allan believes we will be seeing Vanguard Bond ETFs within the next six months or so.

While I’m on the topic of media mentions, I have to congratulate my fellow network buddy, FMF. He was mentioned in this week’s Barron’s. Here’s what Barron’s had to say:

FREEMONEYFINANCE is our kind of blog. The blogmaster, a marketing professional, posts several times daily and highlights plenty of outside content. Not all commentary is market-related, but there’s usually a personal-finance angle (a recent post evaluated the pros and cons of driving slower to save money on gas). The blogmaster offers a constant stream of original and linked money-making tips, plus helpful ideas about credit cards, insurance, real estate, taxes and retirement. Well done.

I didn’t realize that FMF is a “Blogmaster.” Now I have visions of him in a long robe, sitting on the floor Indian-style, with lots of pupils gathered around listening to him speak blog. LOL!

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