7 thoughts on “Is This What Symantec’s Company Headquarters Looks Like?”

  1. Well, considering a recent finding by the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT)says that about 80% of new malware defeats popular anti-virus software, I would think they’re software would actually be better if they also created the viruses. Here is a quote:

    “At the point we see it as a CERT, which is very early on — the most popular brands of antivirus on the market … have an 80 percent miss rate. That is not a detection rate that is a miss rate.”

    “So if you are running these pieces of software, eight out of 10 pieces of malicious code are going to get in,” said Ingram.

    One of the ideas is, with there being only a few major anti-virus vendors at all the major retailers, it is relatively easy for a virus writer to test their code against those particular brands of software and find out how to evade it.

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