The Carnival of Personal Finance – Week 59

AllFinancialMatters is happy to host the 59th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. Here is this week’s carnival arranged by topic. Enjoy!


Single Mom & Money

Friendly Warning to
HSBC Customers

Pragmatic Finance

Important Features for
Online Savings Accounts


Getting Out of Debt

Unexpected Expenses

Blogging Away Debt

My Son Has
Learned the “B” Word

The Cheap Chap

Back to School

Pocket Change

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Violate Parkinson’s Law for
Financial Abundance


How to Begin
Building Abundance

The Family CEO

Save Money
on Groceries With
This Hamburger Tip


Don’t Mess with Taxes

Penny-Anti Efforts

Financial Reflections

Are You Dealing
With Wage Stagnation?


AR: Namaste Economics


Towards Better Life

You Should Never Get A Job?


Young Entrepreneur
Tools: Paypal


Insure Blog

Got a Few Problems With This . . .


My Money Path

Dollar Cost Averaging –
A Real Life Example!

Daily Bacon

Building a Better Beta

“D”igital Breakfast

S&P 500 Chart of the Day

1st Million at 33

The Importance of Diversification

The Dividend Guy Blog

Yearly Dividend Income Up

Investor Geeks

Invasions from
the China Sea

Investor Loi

Different Types of
Investors Can Succeed


It’s Just Money

Have You Ever Been
Mistaken For an Employee?

Winchypoo’s Warehouse

The Answer to Global Warming

Career Intensity Blog

Boast Your Goals
Into Action!

Financial Options

The Week Ahead


Money & Mates

Money @

Friend or Foe?



Our Mortgage
Was Sold

Searchlight Crusade

“We’ll Beat Any Quote”
in Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Rates Blog

When Mortgage Rates Are Pushed
Higher, So Are the Savings Rates

Stop Buying Crap

Understand Credit Card
Terms & Conditions

The Good Human

How We Paid Down Our Debt
and Saved Money at the Same Time!


Accumulating Money

6 Ideas for Your
Mid-Year Financial Checkup

My Quo

My Plan to Buy
a House in 6 Years



The Last 401(k) Guide
You’ll Ever Need

Ask Uncle Bill

The One-Armed

Free the Drones

How will rising life expectancies
change your retirement plan?

My Financial Awareness

Should You Roll Over
an IRA Into a Roth IRA?



Why I Hate Rebates

Money & Values

Could You Wear the Same Outfit
Every Day for a Year?
(the Brown Dress Project)


Does Being Called a
Consumer Bother You?


Roth & Company

Instapundit Asks:
‘Is The I.R.S. Getting Better?’

That’s All, Folks!

16 thoughts on “The Carnival of Personal Finance – Week 59”

  1. Who’s down with JLP? I’m down with JLP. you know me.
    I now have that earworm variation from the song O.P.P.

    Why?? because I do love JLP- he is a fountain of information that I use.

    This white girl needs to acquire a little more up to date music.

  2. Thanks for hosting. The word is being spread: JLP at AllFinancialMatters provides us with not only tons of great info at the latest Personal Finance Carnival, but the bloggings are displayed in an easy-to-read table format.

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  4. This article is fantastic. As a very recent college grad with massive student loans and pursuing a graduate degree, I have been doing tons of research on

    investing and saving money. I only wish I had learned about this back in school, because until several months ago I was clueless except for the basic

    principals (don’t rack up credit card debt, make a budget).

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