Chicago is Raising Minimum Wage to $13

CHICAGO – Ignoring Mayor Richard Daley and risking the chance to attract giant retailers, the City Council on Wednesday approved an ordinance that makes Chicago the nation’s biggest city to require big-box stores to pay their workers more.

According to this article, Chicago is going to force big-box stores to pay their employees $10 per hour plus $3 per hour in fringe benefits by July 1st, 2010. This is just pure idiocy Continue reading Chicago is Raising Minimum Wage to $13

JLP’s Question of the Day – Kids and Money

Here’s the question:

Do your relatives make contributions to your kids’ college savings account? If not, have you considered asking them to help out?

The reason I ask this is that my family loves to give gifts like toys and clothes but none of them like to make contributions to the college fund. I was just curious how you guys have approached this topic with grandparents (if you have).

The World’s Greatest Investors – Their Picks

The cover story of the August issue of Smart Money is about The World’s Greatest Investors. It’s an interesting read. I always enjoy reading their recommendations. All of these stocks (although I’m not recommending them as I don’t offer advice on this blog), with the exception of DR Horton, seem like pretty solid companies. My problem with DR Horton is the current housing market, which seems to be cooling. Anyway, here are their picks along with the price that was listed in the magazine: Continue reading The World’s Greatest Investors – Their Picks