Save 50% on Everything

This is from the September issue of SmartMoney (I’ll post a link to the article once SmartMoney has the article up).

The September issue of SmartMoney has several MUST-READ articles. One of those articles is the cover story titled “Save 50% on Everything.” The article details ways that people can save on clothes, health care, education, entertainment, investing, cars, and electronics. Some of my favorite tips are:

Clothes – make friends with the sales clerks at your favorite stores. It is easy to do and a friendly sales clerk can tip you off to upcoming sales and even put stuff back for you. My problem is that I don’t shop often enough to have “friends.”

Education – Check out merit-based grants that are often offered by state schools to keep top students from going to more-prestigious schools. The article details how one family received $130,000 in merit-based grants to send their son to college. WOW! To find out about merit-based grants, check out One important thing to note is that biggest grants are given to students whose grades and test scores rank them in the top 20% of the school’s applicants.

Investing – I learned something new today! I learned that at Fidelity, online trade commissions drop from $20 to $11 once you bring them $50,000 in assets – and your Fidelity 401(k) or 529 plan counts toward the total. This is good news for me because my wife’s 401(k) is with Fidelity. Fidelity really should do a better job with their marketing. I have not heard one word about anything like this. I’m going to check it out this week.

Schwab lets you count your mortgage loan toward you asset total. Vanguard drops fund fees as much as 50% for clients who invest $100,000 in a single fund.

Electronics – The other tip I thought was cool was, which is a website that you can use to create a deal alert on a electronic item that you want. The reason this is cool is that electronic prices often drop quickly and sometimes you can miss out on a good deal. can help you stay on top because they will send you an e-mail when the price drops or a discount goes into effect. Pretty cool!

There’s lots more tips but you’ll have to read the article to find out what they are.

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  1. One other good thing about Fidelity – it’s “cash” account pays a much higher interest rate than Scottrade. If you sometimes have significant cash positions, this matters.

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