And the First EPA-Influenced Vehicle is…


According to this Wall Street Journal article, the first EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) – influenced vehicle will be a hybrid trash truck, which should be in service sometime next year. The article went on to state that Eaton will begin producing and selling the hydraulic-hybrid-transmission system pioneered by the EPA lab next year. The systems will be installed in truck bodies assembled by Peterbilt, a division of Paccar, Inc., of Bellevue, Wash.

Read the whole article. This is good news. But, before I run out and buy a hybrid, I want more history on the batteries. How long do they last and how much will it cost to replace them? I’m all for conserving gas but it also has to make sense for my budget.

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  1. The hydraulic hybrid technology makes a lot of sense for heavy trucks. Hydraulic hybrids don’t use batteries – the energy from braking is stored by compressing liquid that is released to the wheels when they start turning. According to this article and others I’ve read, the hybrid system pays for itself in gas savings within a couple of years on these vehicles.

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