Question of the Day Marathon – Day 18

Sorry this is late.

Today’s host for the Question of the Day Marathon is Chipping Away. His question is:

If tomorrow you were to suddenly find yourself unemployed, what would your action plan be and how much trouble do you feel you’d be in?

We would love to have you stop by and answer today’s Question of the Day. It is always fun to read the different responses.

One thought on “Question of the Day Marathon – Day 18”

  1. If I found myself unemployed tomorrow, I could live off my savings for several months, however I would try to avoid that as much as possible. I would go down to my local school district office and get back into the substitute teaching pool. It doesn’t come with all the benefits of a full time teaching job, but you don’t need the full credential that I am working on now. I can substitute full time until my student teaching begins, and use my savings to cover me during that time.And since I am already ’employed’ by the district it will be easier to get a full time position.

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